DIY Solar Heater: Top 20 Tips How To Build and Use a Solar Air Heater: (Power Generation)

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DIY Solar Heater: (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 20 Tips How to Build and Use a Solar Air Heater

Have seen and heard about the solar air heaters but do not know what they are and how it works. This e-book will give you the required information about the solar air heaters.

This e-book will comprehend about

  • What solar air heater is?
  • The benefits of solar air heating
  • The working of solar air heater
  • Different types of solar air heaters
  • How you can design one at your home.
  • Screen absorbers solar air heaters.

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SUNPACK 8W Portable / Foldable Solar Charger for Laptops, iPad, mobile phones(include 12000mAH power bank with 2 x 5V USB port and 16~20V(auto sensing) output, 11 Laptop connectors, 4 DC tips, USB charging cable and AC charging adaptor)

A SUNPACK® -Foldable Solar Charger will handle all the power need for your laptop, iPhone, iPod, GPS, MP4/5, digital camera, etc. Unlike the other solar charger, not only it charges your cell phone and small electronic devices, it is also powerful enough to charge your laptop. Powerful, yet convenient to use, just unfold it under direct sunlight to charge, fold it when finished. This powerful, light weight, and aesthetic Foldable Solar Charger is a One-For-All solar charging solution! When folded, it can fit into a handbag, you can carry it anywhere and charge your personal devices wherever you are! It will turn your charging habit into the caring for our earth and human life.

Include 12000mAH power bank which will store the energy gathered from the sun. Include 2 x 5V USB port, and 16V to 20V(Auto-sensing) DC output at the same time.

General applications:For business travelers with instant power supply need; car drivers who needs to charge the gadgets while driving; maintaining and charging car batteries; outdoor leisure power needs; emergency power supply when power outage occurred; or any power needs where grid power is not available such as on the sea, by the beach, on an island, in the mountain cabin, etc.

Suitable electronic devices: SUNPACK® can supply instant power to laptops(up to 60W) and charge personal electronic devices. It can charge iPhone, mobile phones, MP4/5, e-Book, digital cameras, GPS, laptops(up to 60W).

It is also a hybrid system, when indoor or during cloudy or raining days, the power bank can be charged by USB cable or AC charging adaptor.

– Solar Panel: 8W
– Power output: DC 5V, and DC 16~20V(auto-sensing).
– Power Bank: 12000 mAH, with LED battery capacity indicator
– Accessories included: USB cable, 4 DC tips, and 11 laptop connectors and AC charging Adaptor.

Product Features

  • Using high efficiency solar cells which last more then 20 years.
  • Include 12000mAH power bank which has built-in overcharge, discharge and over heat protection.
  • Include 12000mAH power bank, 4 DC connecting tips for cell phones, 11 laptop connectors, USB cable, AC charging adaptor & suction cups for fixing on car windshield.
  • Provides 16V~20V auto-sensing output to charge laptop computers(up to 60W).
  • 2 x USB ports to charge small electronic devices like mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, e-Book, GPS, etc.