ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore XL Portable Solar Charger Pack (White)

Don’t be Stuck to an Outlet – Take Your Charging On-the-Go! Solar ReStore XL uses a high-efficiency solar panel with a 300mA charging rate in direct sunlight, absorbing enough energy to charge most phones after only 4-6 hours! Leave the pack in direct sunlight for 13 hours to fully charge Continue Reading

ReVIVE Backup Battery Solar Charger & 6000mAh Rugged Power Bank w/ 4W Active Charging Solar Panels for Phones , Tablets , & MP3 Players

Restore PX6000 – Backup Power Whenever & Wherever You Need It! Charge Quickly Anywhere!Using the Restore PX6000 is a snap. Simply place it in the sun, unfold the solar panel wings, and it will instantly start charging! No sunlight? No problem! You can also power up the PX6000 via USB Continue Reading

ReVIVE ReStore RA4 Universal 14-watt Folding Solar Charger w/ Dual USB Ports , Ultra-slim Panels & Carrying Strap- Quickly Charges Smartphones , Tablets , GPS Units & more Devices! *Includes Protective Rain Cover*

ReVIVE ReStore RA 4 Solar Charger Smart, Compact Design The Solar Restore RA 4 was designed with campers , hikers , and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. With an ultra-slim design, the RA 4 is so compact it’s smaller then a standard piece of paper at 9.25 x 6.75 x 1.5 Continue Reading

ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Power Pack with Universal USB Charging Port for Portable E-readers , MP3 Players , Smartphones & More USB Powered Devices

A Great Portable Charging Solution for Your Device! Smart, Compact DesignThis easy to use, multi-functional battery pack lets you take your charging on-the-go. The ReStore is equipped with a universal USB charging port and a powerful internal battery that stores solar power when you’re away from outlets. Charge it up Continue Reading