Indoor Outdoor Thermometer-Solar Power-Electronic-Hygrometer-Digital Thermometer-This Water Resistant-Wireless-Humidity Monitor Watches Your Greenhouse- Lawn And Garden-Patio-Sauna-Terrarium- Window-To Insure Accuracy

Discover The Best Way To Monitor Your Temperature and Humidity-Both Indoor And Outdoor

This Digital Hygrometer Can Be Used Both Inside and Outside And Is Very Accurate That Mounts On Any Window.

– Is very reliable and can be used anywhere. It monitors both the temperature and the humidity anywhere it is located.

– Very consistent in every reading and also solar powered so this will be the last temperature/humidity reading device to be purchased.

– Very portable and durable. Has a water resistant case that with stands most climates.

This amazing window thermometer has the ability to read both Fahrenheit and Centigrade so matter were you are in the world, this product Has a memory function to recall max/min reading to ensure accuracy every time. Comes equipped with an easy to use glass mount design. The benefits of this product are unbelievable compared to all of the rest of the competion that is out there.

When purchasing this Hygro-Thermo Clock, you will see how user friendly it really is and extremely easy to follow instructions.You will also be very surprised of how many functions this set has.

-Tells your indoor condition by showing the comfort level weather it is dry or wet.

– It is very professional looking which can not a big eye sore anywhere you put it.

– Comes equipped with a pivotal head to ensure that it can be mounted anywhere.

Your new Hygro-Thermo Clock does come with a no questions asked 1 year Guarantee

When pressing the “Add To Cart” button, you will receive your new set within the next 3-5 business days. And we promise that you will really enjoy using it. We always thrive on providing products that people will purchase and enjoy using them. Go ahead and press the glorious “Add To Cart” button and experience the last Thermometer, humidity monitor and clock with alarm all in one unit.

Product Features

  • Combination Temperature/Humidity Gauge With Large, Easy-To-Read Display
  • Records Levels To Display Highs And Lows
  • Displays In Celsius Or Fahrenheit
  • Heat And Water Resistant And Is Solar Powered So No Battery Needed
  • Order Now With Peace Of Mind Due To Our 1 year “Better Than Money Back” Guarantee. No Catches. See Product Description Below For More Info.