TBNEVG Garden Scarecrow Eagle Decoy with Flashing Eyes and Scary Sound Pest Repellent – Motion Activated and Solar Powers Realistic Predator Scares Away and Repels All Pests; Birds, Squirrels, Rabbits

TBNEVG scarecrow eagle is a highly effective bird and pest repellent solution. The realistic looking hawk gives the appearance of actively hunting. Birds and pests get intimidated by the predator and will leave the area. Just hang the hawk in a visible location, such as your garden, lawn, farm etc. Continue Reading

All Powers 2.5W Solar Univeral 5V 500mA Panel with Universal Usb Charging Port for Portable Smartphones / E-readers / Mp3 Players & More Usb Powered Devices With Socket Color Black

Allpowers battery charger, away from the charging problem Allpowers is a company in combination with solar photovoltaic application design, development, production and sales. The Allpowers power charger allows you to charge the external battery anywhere at any time. Get the Allpowers battery pack now. 1. Solar Panels:2.5W 2. Output Parameters: Continue Reading