UMR 90 LED Solar Security Light – New 2018 Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting w 5 LEDs Per Side, Dusk to Dawn Detector, Wireless Battery Power is Ultra-Bright for Exterior Outside Driveway Yard Patio Deck

UMR is proud to introduce our new 2018 solar security lights. Finally experience wireless outdoor illumination for your garage, patio, yard, or garden with the most up-to-date model of motion sensor lighting… and the engineering quality UMR is known for.

AN OUTDOOR LIGHTING SOLUTION THAT DOESN’T REQUIRE WIRING OR HASSLE. With the UMR solar security light, all you need to do is select your ideal light setting and mount it on an outdoor wall… no wiring needed! After only a few hours of sunlight for the first charge, UMR solar security lights start to run indefinitely, activating the moment dusk settles, staying active until dawn rises, and responding to motion during that time however you so choose.

A CONVENIENT SYSTEM THAT CONVERTS DAYTIME SUNLIGHT INTO NIGHTTIME WHITE LIGHT. We optimized our combination of solar cells, ion batteries, and LED chips in UMR outdoor motion lights to function at the highest efficiency, so that the maximum amount of light energy is absorbed, stored, and produced when needed the most. Plus, with a phenomenal 44 or 90 LEDs per fixture, you can sleep well knowing you bought one of the brightest solar security lights around!

A MULTI-OPTION MOTION SENSOR LIGHT USEFUL IN EVERY OUTDOOR APPLICATION. UMR outdoor motion lights can be configured to any one of three lighting modes: 1) High Light Mode keeps the light always off during the daytime, and always on during the nighttime; 2) Economy Mode keeps the light dim during the night until motion is detected; 3) Sensor Mode keeps the light off during the night until motion is detected.

AN IP65 WATERPROOF DESIGN THAT CONTINUOUSLY WITHSTANDS HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS. Rest assured that UMR solar security lights are built with the outdoors in mind. Our sealed, waterproof ABS body ensures that all components of our outdoor motion lights operate at peak capacity… even during severe rain or snow!

Product Features

  • 67% MORE LEDS PER AREA FOR ULTRA-BRIGHT SECURITY LIGHTING. UMR is proud to introduce our 2018 model easy mounting outdoor sensor lights. With a whopping 90 LEDs per fixture – 36 more than the current best seller – our new black garage, garden, porch, and wall lights might just be the brightest solar panel powered motion lights on the market today. Effortlessly flood your exterior house, pool, backyard, shed, or stairs with high-lumen white light you wouldn’t expect from a wireless fixture.
  • 5 EXTRA LEDS PER SIDE FOR TRUER 270 DEGREE ILLUMINATION. Using a more space-efficient LED configuration, UMR was able to pack 5 bonus LEDs on each side of our large 2018 dimming night activated LED security wall lights, compared to just 0-3 of some leading competitors. That means with our easy mount outdoor electrical PIR sensor light, you can finally experience true 270 degree illumination, filling up a wide area external to your home, gutter, barn, steps, flag-pole, or front door.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART SOLAR – BATTERY COMBO FOR ENDURING WIRELESS LIGHT. Never worry about failing photo sensor operated residential security lights again. With an incredible 17% photocell efficiency for our panels and ultra-high capacity 2200 mA-hr rechargableable lithium ion battery, our outdoor LED corner, deck, walkway, and landscape lights reach full charge within a few hours yet stay bright the entire night. You’ll never go back to plug-in wired outside exterior radio motion lighting again!
  • 120 DEGREE 26 FT MOTION SENSING FOR WIDE RANGE LIGHT ACTIVATION. Our 2018 easy install outdoor dusk till dawn light systems have upgraded motion sensors that can respond to any movement over a large 120 degree activation area. Couple that with a detection range sensitive up to 26 ft and a top-of-class daylight sensor that activates the light at dusk, and wireless LED solar security lighting for your commercial building, farm, terrace, fence, or outside path has never been so effective or easy!
  • 3 DIFFERENT “ON” MODES FOR ANY AUTOMATIC LIGHTING APPLICATION. With UMR dimmable external waterproof motion light kits, you can choose between sensor, economy, and high light modes once dusk sets in. So whether you want your exterior entry detection solar spotlight to stay dim until someone approaches your front door, turn on only when a car pulls into the driveway, or stay on all night on your porch deck, with UMR outdoor security movement sensor lights, nothing is outside your capacity!

Bright Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor Detector – No Battery Required – Weatherproof Wireless Exterior Security Outdoor Lighting For Patio Deck Yard Garden Home Driveway Stairs Outside Wall, Day / Night Auto On / Off – (No Dim Light Mode)

Hallomall 6 Led Solar Sensor Light:

1.Comparing with other solar sensor lights, this light is more ultra bright, intelligent, high efficient,energy saving, environmentally friendly.

Waterproof/ Heatproof : Durable. Unlike other cheaper brands, this light could work throughout the hassle winter or burning hot summer. And could be used on front doors, sheds, garage, nearly anywhere you need light!

Auto On/Off:PIR motion detector and light sensor built in, auto detects dusk and switches itself on if motion is detected within 3 meters activated zone and 120 degrees angle, so picks you up from over 20 feet away.

Energy Saving:Solar powered, it will be more energy saving and environmentally friendly than others.It could get fully charged under the direct south sunlight and auto turn on/ off at night, conversing a battery life.

FAQ Assistance

1.Why does the light keep on all the night?

Answer: Since the motion sensor is quite sensitive in the cold days, please avoid install the lights in the vent place.

2.The light couldn’t work well or never turn on again?
Answer: It maybe the power of the built-in battery ran out so that the light can’t reset by itself in the low voltage. Please use the pin to press the switch to reset it again.

3. When ordering from amazon fulfillent, the light gets defective, how could i get a replacement without returning the light?
Answer: Please contact the seller directly or choose the ” products details” inquiry to contact us. We offer months repair and one month exchange for any hallomal brand products.

Product Features

  • Hallomall always stands behind its products. Any product problems, please select the “product details” subject to contact the customer service for help.
  • Powerful and high efficient solar panel,auto gets fully charged about 8 hours under the sunlight.
  • Auto light up at night when detecting the PIR motion sensor about 3 meters/a 120 degree sensing angle and could keep lighting about 8 to 12 hours after fully charged.
  • 6 Super-bright Led’s generating 100 lumens of light! Light enough to act as a security light or light up a pathway as an approach light.
  • Durable, weather-resistant & heatproof plastic construction with long lifetime, works all year around throughout winter time.

DROK® Dual-usb 2.0 HUB with 2 Ports for Fast Charging & Data Sync Charger Doctor Voltage Current Detector Digital Ammeter Voltmeter Multimeter Solar Panel Alignment Tester Mobile Power Panel Monitor Gauge Dc 3.2-10v 0-3a Red Blue LED

Product Features :

USB charging voltage and current dual display

One-input , Dual-output

OUTPUT Ⅰ ( two functions ) :

Data communication function : mobile phones or other mobile device and a computer for data transfer

Charging voltage output function: suitable for most of mobile phones , mobile power , tablet PCs and other USB devices, if with Original Charger or other with high-current Identify resistance charger, can also supports IPad, IPhone and Samsung S4 ” High Current ” charge.

OUTPUT Ⅱ (one function):

Charging voltage output function: universal-version, suitable for most of mobile phones , mobile power , tablet PCs and other USB devices, do not support IPad, IPhone and  Samsung S4 ” High Current ” charge, NO data communication function.

Technical parameters:

Supply voltage, test voltage: DC 3.2 ~ 10V

Test Current: 0 ~ 3A (10A Maximum, If more than 3A, can not work continuously)

Operating Current: <20mA

Display: 0.28 “LED, Red/Blue

Product Dimensions: 69 x 26 x 14mm

USB extension cable: about 120mm

Measuring rate: ≥ 500mS / times

Accuracy: 1% (± 2 digits)

Extreme working conditions:

Low supply voltage: +3.2 V

Maximum supply voltage: +10 V

Working temperature: -10  °c~ +65 °c

Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 80% (non-condensing)

Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa

Sun exposure: no direct exposure

Package Include:

1x USB Charging Voltage Current Monitor

Product Features

  • Dual display both voltage and current simultaneously.
  • Dual Color LED display (Red for Voltage, Blue for Current),easy to read.
  • Measuring Range: Voltage 3.2 ~ 10V; Current 0 ~ 3A; Accuracy: 1% (± 2 digits)
  • USB Output Port 1 is used for both charging and USB communication.
  • USB Output Port 2 is used for large current fast charging