Solar Charger Portable Pocket for Camping, Fishing, 4 Foldable Solar Panels, Solar Phone Charger and Solar Battery Chargers with USB for Electronic Devices, 6.8W, Waterproof ETFE 15 to 20 Year Life

NEVER GO WITHOUT A CHARGE: Being stuck somewhere with a dead cell phone or tablet can be a nuisance at the least and a safety risk at the most. The TuffSpark USB solar panel charger uses 4 foldable solar panels & sunlight to produce immediate, electric energy to boost backup batteries, power banks & other electronics devises. Compact, highly-effective & convenient, our miniature solar panels are a necessity – particularly for travelers, teenagers & people who rely heavily on technology.

GREAT DESIGN AND BUILD: Boasting four, flexible solar cells with a magnetic clasp, our portable solar panel charger can fold to 5.6″ x 4″ & is so lightweight & thin, you can carry it in a pant or jacket pocket without that awkward bulk. It can stand on its own or hang from the accompanying carabiners. Finalized with a solar panel USB port and cord, the TuffSpark reusable energy kit is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, backpacking, skiing, hunting or boating.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL: The TuffSpark USB solar charger is equipped with an intelligent control chip and continual 5 volt output to ensure no short-circuiting and auto restart function smart enough to detect and reconnect the charging device. The high-functioning solar cells are low-light sensitive and have an efficiency that can range between 21% – 25%. Exposure to direct sunlight will fully charge your phone battery within 2.5 hours while very low sun exposure may take up to 20 hours.

PROTECTIVE ETFE LAMINATE: The TuffSpark phone and electronics pocket solar charger features a unique ETFE coating that is so durable and resilient, it extends the lifespan of our mini solar cells between 15-20 years under normal outdoor conditions. This fluorine-based laminate is self-cleaning, recyclable and safeguards this natural energy device against the elements like sand and dust and is also water resistant, weather resistant, and corrosion resistant.

GO GREEN: usb chargers are incredibly convenient and user-friendly, renewable solar energy is a safe, eco-friendly and helps reduce the negative impact on the planet earth and is energy-efficient AND cost-effective – a win-win for everyone! This is a small solar charger and on some items (mostly older model phones or larger electronics items) there is a higher minimum charging current required. So on cloudy days or indirect sunlight, there can be a problem.

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