Portable Charger Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mah High Capacity 3 USB Output Ports Backup Battery Compatible with Cell Phone Tablet Android Phone and More

Ruipu Solar charger 24000mah portable power bank red

Huge Capacity: 24000mAh.You can take it to your long trip or any other outdoor activities.without worrying about power off.

Solar Charging:Charger can receive solar energy automatically and then convert it to electricity.You can use this function for emergency.

Output and Input: Three outputs can be used for charging three devices simultaneously.

Blue lights: They can show the left power intuitively.As long as there is light then the lights will keep flashing without needing other operations.

Flashlight:You can turn them on by double pressing the power button.

Tips: when you recharge the item by either wall outlet or solar energy,you cannot use it to charge any devices at the same tine.

What you get:

1* solar charger

1 * charging cable

1 * manual

Product Features

  • Huge Capacity Solar Charger :24000 Huge capacity can support your devices conveniently, it can give about 5 to 6 charges for your Phoneno matter where you are.
  • Portable Charger with 3 outputs and 2 LED Lights:You can share it with your friends to charge cellphone simultaneously.They are bright that when you are walking on dark,Camping at night.
  • Power Bank with Solar panel:For emergency use, You can put it under the sunlight then it will keep the item recharging all the time.
  • Safe and Multi Protection System: Automatically Identifies the Voltage Setting of your Device with Over-current, Over-charging and Short-Circuit Protection.
  • Long time Warranty: We provide 24 months of warranty period.If you have any problems welcome to contact our within 24 hour customer service.

3 thoughts on “Portable Charger Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mah High Capacity 3 USB Output Ports Backup Battery Compatible with Cell Phone Tablet Android Phone and More

  1. Finally! A power bank that never runs out of juice I’ve ordered this exact product from Ruipu last year, in preparation for hurricane season here in Florida. I’ve had a whole year’s worth of experience with it and decided to buy another one. This thing rocks!Ruipu’s model was then only one of the few power banks featuring a solar panel, and having one built into my emergency NOAA weather radio, I thought it would be handy to have a solar option in a power bank too. Just in case the power…

  2. Great product! This is a 24000mAh solar charging treasure. I am looking for a portable battery pack with solar charging, I will bring it when we go camping and participate in outdoor activities. I know that solar chargers are slower than wall charging, but this charger does its job very well and charges at a decent speed. The fact that this charger comes with a flashlight also helps because it is very useful in an emergency and I don’t want to waste my phone battery just to use the flashlight. With three USB…

  3. Great Powerbank!!! This is a great powerbank. It is really light in weight. This makes it easy to carry with you where you go. Its huge capacity allows you to charge a few devices at a time or your cell phone a few times before having to recharge it. It really is good. The flash light is pretty bright too. I like that it can be charged by USB, by lamp light, and solar. -Charging the powerbank itself by solar/,sky iu b is slow but can still help. I would charge it USB for faster charge.Has an on and off…

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