Ivation Waterproof Hand Crank & Solar Powered 3 LED Flashlight, High Power 3 Functions LED Mini Torch, Waterproof Up to 45 feet, Charges via Hand Dynamo No need to replace Batteries Use in Home, Car, Outdoors, Camping,

The Ivation high power 3 LED flashlight is rechargeable and never needs batteries or bulbs, the battery can be charged with the built in hand crank or the built in solar panel, completely waterproof so you can use this flashlight to a depth of 45 feet.

Product Features:

* 8 Lumens 3 LED flashlight

* 3 types of LED use

* Rainproof and windproof up to 45 feet

* Powers with dynamo power

* Also powers with solar pane

* l80 mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH Battery

* 5 Years lifetime warranty

Product specifications:

After 1 minute hand cranking

* 60 minutes with all 3 LED’s

* 80 Minutes with 1 LED

* 110 Minutes of flashing

* 4 hours lighting after a full charge

* 120 Minutes light after 1 Hour direct sunlight

Product Features

  • Bright LED Flashlight Charges with Built in Hand Crank Power Generator or with Solar Pad true Sunlight
  • Features 3 Function LED Control, One LED – Three LED’s – Three LED’s flashing up to 8 Lumens
  • Never needs any Cables to recharge or replace batteries to function, Works up to 4 Hours at a time
  • Waterproof and Submersible up to 45 feet, designed with a soft rubber finish Skid Proof coat
  • Small and handy Green design, for use indoors or outdoors, in your House, Vehicle, Camping, Etc.

Launch Sale – Cosmically Solar – Security Motion Sensor Light – Weatherproof – 10 Bright White LED Lights – Easy Installation – 1-year Guaranteed Warranty

Stay Well Lit & Feel Secure!

Cosmically Solar’s security motion-sensor light provides illumination and safeguards any outdoor location. This light works well as a security detector and for lighting a path, garden, yard, patio, deck, wall, stairway, driveway or any entryway.

It is highly recommended that you install this light in a south-facing location to maximize its charging potential in any season.

These IP65-rated lights are fully weatherproof for any outdoor location. They are certified to adhere to internationally recognized standards such as CE, RoHS and FCC to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A full day of charging in the sun will energize the LEDs through the night until the sensor detects dawn’s light. Depending on how often the bright light and the alarm sound are activated, the LEDs will shine for 4-7 nights. This enables you to use the light in cloudy locales where daily sun is not available.

The 120º passive infra-red (PIR) motion sensor detects movement from up to 15ft. away in the dark, and automatically triggers the dim light to become bright for 30 seconds. The 10 super-bright white LED lights have a 50,000- hour lifespan and produce 200 lumen of light.

The optional security alarm function is enabled by a simple push of a button. The deterring warning sound – at just over 90 decibels – will activate when motion is detected. The light will go from dim to bright when the alarm is activated. After 30 seconds, the sound will cease as the light returns to its dim setting.

Cosmically Solar is a family owned business. We encourage our customers to contact us with any issues, concerns and feedback regarding our products.

We offer a one-year (365-day) money-back guarantee.

Product Features

  • ATTRACTIVE AND DECORATIVE WITH SUPER-EASY INSTALLATION – Can be used as a wall light, path light, porch light or step light. Great for entryways or as an added light source for front or backyards. No wiring required as it is completely charged by sunlight. Two screws and pillar hinges are included for convenience and to ensure a stable mounting.
  • FULLY WEATHERPROOF, DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP AND A 1-YEAR WARRANTY – This light is waterproof and heatproof with an IP65 rating, making it a great choice for any sun-lit location. Rest assured that it will perform to your satisfaction in the great outdoors. The 10 super-bright and reliable white LED lights have a 50,000 hour lifespan to ensure use for many seasons.
  • LIGHTS UP FOR 4-7 DAYS ONCE FULLY CHARGED – One good day of sunlight will be sufficient to charge the batteries of this well-made solar light for up to one week. Even on cloudy days, the solar panel will receive enough power from the sun to sustain the batteries’ charge for a full night’s use. The solar panel has a 5-year life span.
  • 120º PIR MOTION DETECTOR – The sensitive passive infra-red (PIR) motion detector operates from 10-15 ft. away in the dark as it senses movement. The dim light automatically turns brighter and returns to its auto-dim function after 30 seconds.
  • OPTIONAL SECURITY ALARM FUNCTION – The alarm function can be turned on or off based on your needs. The sensor that detects motion will activate the alarm while simultaneously activating the bright light. The alarm will turn off automatically after 30 seconds as the light returns to its dim mode.

Gama Sonic Light My Shed III Solar LED Shed Light Fixture #GS-16LD

The Gama Sonic GS-16LD Light My Shed 3 solar-charged shed light with 48 LEDs is the easiest way to provide light in your shed, greenhouse, boat house, or garage. There are no electrical wires to install. Just secure the solar panel on the outside of the building and hang the LED light inside and then let the sun do the rest. Light my Shed 3 can be easily installed on all types of material: metal, wood, or plastic. Its Ni-MH battery is charged by a powerful mono-crystal solar panel and can provide to the LED lights for up to two hours on a single charge. Set the unit to use just 24 of the LED light bulbs to achieve longer light duration or all 48 LEDs for full brightness. The built-in night light makes it easy to find the on/off switch in a dark shed.

GS-16L Light My Shed

Maintenance-free solar-powered shed light with adjustable solar panel. view larger

GS-16L Light My Shed

Choose between 48 or 24 LEDs with a flip of the switch. view larger

GS-16LD Light My Shed III with 48 LEDs

The 3rd generation of Gama Sonic’s industry-leading solar shed light, the GS-16LD Light My Shed 3 provides an energy-efficient way to illuminate anything from an outdoor shed or storage unit to a garage, greenhouse, or other structure.

The solar-powered shed light features the same style and size as previous versions, but this time with 48 super-bright white LEDs. Using a simple toggle switch, choose between 24 LEDs for up to two hours or 48 LEDs for up to an hour.

The low-voltage shed light installs safely and easily onto any type of material, including metal, wood, and plastic, and there’s no electrical wiring required or batteries or bulbs to replace. Fitted with a powerful, efficient monocrystal solar panel, the shed light’s rechargeable battery (included) uses the power of the sun to recharge during the day, thus enabling up to two hours of energy-efficient operation on a full charge.

The solar panel should be installed on the side of the building (the sunniest location works best), and an integrated compass allows for effortlessly adjusting the solar panel to help ensure optimal charging results. For added convenience, a built-in night light makes it easy to find the on/off switch in the dark.

Housed in durable plastic, the solar-powered shed light measures 19 inches long by 4 inches wide by 3 inches high. Gama Sonic covers the shed light with a one-year limited warranty.

GS-16L Light My Shed
At a Glance
  • Solar lighting for all structures
  • Light burns up to 2 hours on a full charge
  • Two-switch position–48 or 24 LED bulbs
  • Built-in night light to find switch easily
  • No electrical wiring needed
  • Low voltage provides safe use and installation
  • Maintenance-free
GS-16L Light My Shed

Installs safely and easily–no electrical wiring required. view larger

Product Features

  • Solar-charged light with 48 LEDs provides optimal brightness in sheds, workshops, garages, and other small structures
  • No electrical wiring necessary–just hang the solar panel, connect the light, and let the sun do the work
  • Two brightness settings : Use just 24 LEDs for longer light duration or all 48 LEDs for full brightness
  • Provides light for 2-4 hours on a single charge
  • Built-in night light makes finding on/off switch easy in the dark

Solar Electricity Handbook – 2015 Edition: A simple, practical guide to solar energy – designing and installing solar PV systems.

The Solar Electricity Handbook – 2015 Edition, is a simple, practical guide to using electric solar panels and designing and installing photovoltaic PV systems.

Now in its ninth edition, the book assumes no previous knowledge of solar electric systems. The book explains how solar panels work and how they can be used. It explains the advantages of solar energy and the drawbacks that you need to take into account when designing a solar power system.

As well as explaining the underlying principles, it provides a step-by-step guide so that you can successfully design and install a photovoltaic solar system from scratch. Unlike many guides, The Solar Electricity Handbook explains the principles behind the technology, allowing the reader to design solar energy systems with confidence. The book has been used all around the world, designing systems as diverse as providing entire African villages with electricity, powering vending machines, building grid-tied systems for housing, building a one-off solar electric car and creating lighting for an allotment shed.

Accompanying the book is a website that provides solar calculators and online tools to help simplify the solar design process, including a unique database of sunlight values for every major town and city in every country in the world that has been created specifically for this book in conjunction with NASA.

Readers can also get in touch with the author directly to ask questions and get further support with their solar projects.

Why buy the Solar Electricity Handbook?

  • The Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric photovoltaic panels.
  • The book is suitable for enthusiastic novices for building professionals and architects learning about photovoltaics.
  • Clear examples, diagrams and example projects are given to demonstrate the true capabilities of these systems.
  • The Handbook is updated yearly, providing a up-to-date reference for anyone planning to use electric photovoltaic technology.
  • It is the most comprehensive book on solar electric systems available today.
  • It is backed up by the most powerful online calculator tools available, to make your design and calculations as straightforward as possible.
  • With comprehensive detail in the book for North America, Asia, Australia and Europe, the Handbook provides you with information that is relevant to you and your project – wherever you live.

[PC Advisor Recommended] Intocircuit® 2nd Gen Power Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S / Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note 3, 4 / Nexus 4 / HTC One M8 / Nokia Lumia 520, 1020 and Other Smartphones (Gray& Orange)

Intocircuit® – Intelligent Circuits

Combining stylish durability and functionality into a finger-sized unit, this Intocircuit Power Mini 3000mAh Power bank is designed for maximum convenience and the quick charging of your devices. The compact size of the Power Mini allows you to grab it and go in almost any situation, ensuring you’re never without spare power when you need it the most!

Petite Size

Some things are tiny, yet they play an essential role in your life. This finger-sized power bank will stretch your imagination to a whole other dimension of what a portable battery pack can look like. You know what? You simply can carry it in your hand or slip it into your bag when you are out and about.

Unbeatable Convenience

Convenience prevails! Just think about it coming in handy at any point of your life. Big, Bulky, Clunky, Clumsy¡­ Just forget about the stereotyped picture of power banks being that way. You can leave it anywhere you like now and, of course, you can pick it up with sheer convenience on your side.

Superb Quality and Stylish Design

Encased in aluminum alloy, this power bank just sits like an impenetrably shielded fortress assuming a style mode. Oh, to add glamour and extra class, it comes in chic colors!

Product Features

  • Stylish, cylindrical, aluminum design slips easily into any pocket or bag
  • Premium microchips ensure high quality
  • Smart LED display keeps you informed of remaining power
  • Built-in flashlight for low-light use
  • Package contents: Intocircuit Power Mini 3000mAh External Battery, Micro USB cable, travel pouch

ALLPOWERS™ New 12V 5W Portable Solar Car Boat Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Maintainer for Automobile Motorcycle Tractor Boat Batteries

“Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority”, contact us firstly if you have any question

Why Choose ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger Maintainer?
ALLPOWERS 12V Solar Car Battery Charger is the perfect solution for charging the batteries of car, motorcycles, automobiles, snowmobiles, tractors and more by solar when the battery is in the state of losing power and power shortage, maintaining the battery effect, extending its usage life. Made of durable ABS plastic and Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, this unit can charge devices in all daylight conditions. Constructed with a built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge, this solar panel is easy to install and completely maintenance-free. Get the ALLPOWERS Solar Car Battery Charger Maintainer

Easy to use
Just plug this solar charger into your vehicle’s 12-volt lighter socket and position the panel to pick up the most daylight possible. Or, if you prefer, use the included alligator clips to connect it directly to the battery. (you can mount this solar power panel on your windshield with the two suction cupds or fix it on the sun visor with the back strips)

* Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline silicon 12V5W
* No-load voltage: 18-23VDC
* Load voltage: 12V
* Output current: 400mAh(max)
* Size: 320x120x5mm/12.6*4.7*0.19inch

1 x Car solar battery charger
1 x Car charger cigarette lighter plug(power cord 3m)
1 x battery charging clip line
4 x suction cupds
1 x Manual(English)

Worry-free warranty
12 months product warranty for every purchase from ALLPOWERS

Product Features

  • ALLPOWERS Car battery maintainer can charge 12V batteries with the power of the sun and create 5 watts of energy
  • Mono-crystalline silicon panel works in all daylight conditions and is weatherproof for added durability
  • Works with automobile, motorcycle, tractor, boat batteries and more
  • Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge
  • Package: ALLPOWERS car battery charger, cigarette lighter plug, clip line, clip line, Manual

HCO Solar Power Supply with 1700mAh Built-In Battery

The HCO 6 Volt Solar Panel is a 6 volt mono-crystalline solar panel. To save electricity, the panel uses the sun’s energy to charge the built-in rechargeable battery and supply constant 6V power to both Game Feeders and Trail Cameras. The internal battery can also be charged by using the DC charging port. It comes with mounting hardware.

6 Volt mono-crystalline solar panel with built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery
Uses sun’s energy to charge the built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery
Save money on batteries
Mounting hardware Included
Weatherproof, designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Product Features

  • 6 Volt mono-crystalline solar panel with built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery
  • Uses sun’s energy to charge the built-in 1700mAh rechargeable battery
  • Save money on batteries
  • Mounting hardware Included
  • Weatherproof, designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Thames & Kosmos Solar Power Plus

Build your own solar-powered creations and discover how solar cells generate electricity. Assemble 22 models including a scooter, locomotive, forklift, road roller, cement mixer, solar-wind sail car, crane, amphibious boat, motorcycle, beach buggy, race car, side-car motorcycle, trailer, elevator, oil tanker, maintenance car, solar car with clutch, street sweeper, backhoe, helicopter, twin-prop airplane, and cable car.

The two special solar panels in this kit each consist of three solar cells. When linked together in series, they generate up to 3.0 volts of electricity in bright sunlight, like two AA batteries. Two unique cradles hold either the solar panels or batteries, allowing you to switch out the solar panels for two AA batteries (not included), depending on the strength of sunlight. You can even use the solar panel to charge up your own rechargeable AA batteries. The solar panels are positionable, so you can maximize their exposure to the sun to generate the most power.

Product Features

  • Gigantic photovoltaic’s science lab
  • Build your own solar powered creations and discover how solar cells generate electricity
  • Assemble 22 models
  • Power the models you build with the solar panels outside on a sunny day
  • This kits teaches basic concepts in solar energy