[New Release] Poweradd™ High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, other Smartphones and Tablets, Gopro Cameras and More

Why Poweradd Solar Panel?

Unlike most other solar panels on the market, Poweradd solar panel have two major breakthroughs.

1. Higher efficiency

The efficiency of Poweradd solar panel is up to 22%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.

2. Unique design – Equipped with Voltage Regulator to ensure stability

The only minus of free sunlight is not stable, solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to unstable current and voltage, which will shorten your device’s life or even damage it. Poweradd solar panel’s voltage regulator keeps your device getting stable voltage and current, perfectly protect it while charging.

Where there is sunlight, there is endless power

22% high solar efficiency provides upto 5V/2000mA output, once connected, limitless and free power keep powering up your gadgets.

Superior Portability

With folding size 11.97″ x 6.29″ x 0.39″ and unfolding size 18.50″ x 11.81″ x 0.15″, ultra-compact and super portability. Eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpacks while on the go.

Wide Compatibility

Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices.

Easy to use

Unfold the Poweradd™ solar panel under DIRECT sunshine, connect your device to the USB port, then place the connected device in the solar panel’s pocket or keep it out of the sunshine to protect it.

Warranty Policy:

12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from Poweradd™.

Professional technical support, Efficient and always satisfied customer service 24*7 available.

Product Features

  • Amazing Efficiency: Constructed of SUNPOWER® solar arrays, up to 22% efficiency provides 2A output (MAX), easier and faster to replenish juice for your hungry gadgets.
  • Lightest weight and ultra compact: only the half weight of other normal 14W solar panels on the market – 13.40 ounces. Folding size only 11.97″ * 6.29″ * 0.39″ for superior portability.
  • Uniqued voltage regulater design to ensure stable voltage and current, protects your device while charging. Premium single output charge your any gadgets at lightning speed – 2A(MAX).
  • High quality waterproof canvas for weather-resistant outdoor durability. Well-placed eyeholes enable easy attachment to backpacks while on the go.
  • Package contents: Poweradd™ high efficiency 14W solar panel, user manual.

2 thoughts on “[New Release] Poweradd™ High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, other Smartphones and Tablets, Gopro Cameras and More

  1. Amazing unit…should be in every home… I live in Arizona where the sun shines almost all the time, and solar panels are just a way of lie. I totally believe in and love using solar items. This new 14W by Poweradd is really remarkable, and very powerful. I received this unit from the seller, so I would give an honest review of this item. Here you go…The cover of the solar panel, is made of a polyester canvas weather resistant material that will be durable for hiking, camping and other outdoor adventures. It also has…

  2. This is a good 14 watt solar panel sold at a very fair price! This device is rated to output 5 VDC at 2 amps max and it features a single USB port to charge one device at once. It is a 14 watt solar panel for charging your USB devices. I had success with the product as it would charge an iPad 2. This is on a cloudy day with limited sun.At 5.5 VDC and 2 Amps the unit is outputting 11 watts. The flap on the solar panel also states that it can output 7.2 volts but in my measurements the regulated output was 5.5 VDC max…

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