Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern 24 Super Bright LEDs Solar Power or Wind Up Energy

NEBO ECO LANTERN is a portable, reliable energy-saving lantern with 24 super bright energy efficient white LEDs that guarantee continuous supreme illumination. ECO LANTERN uses a 6V 2.5AH Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery to give you supreme illumination every time! This lantern generates and stores power by 4 methods of charging: Solar power, AC power, DC power and wind up. No batteries needed. EVER, just super bright white light whenever you need it. The ECO LANTERN has an LED indicator light that changes from red to green when fully charged. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, road trips, RVing, power outages, at home use, or any emergency situation.

Product Features

  • 24 Super Ultra Bright Energy Efficient White LEDs
  • Powered by Solar or Wind Up Energy
  • Has LED Indicator Light Changes from Red to Green Fully Charged
  • AC Wall charger and DC 12-Volt Car Charger
  • 4 Methods of Charging, Solar Power, AC Power, DC and Wind Up

3 thoughts on “Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern 24 Super Bright LEDs Solar Power or Wind Up Energy

  1. Nebo 5105 vs Goal Zero This Lantern blows Goal Zero Lantern which by the way is cheaper made than the Nebo, The Nebo looks and feels better quality. here’s why i’m convinced that the Nebo is the better Lantern:- It’s much brighter than the Goal Zero- It charges itself in the sun no need for stupid proprietary GZ cables and no need for ac charging etc…-Better bulb housing protection with more metal rods around it just in case something hits it-Better built quality from the touch and feel of…

  2. Eco lantern as auxiliary anchor lamp. I ordered this lamp as a auxiliary anchor lamp for our sloop. I’ve had a chance to test the lamp under winter conditions. Approximate lighting area covered was 250′ by 125′ under light snow conditions with the lamp raised at 6′ above ground level and 15 cranks on the hand crank. Some of the farther corners were not as well lite as the center of the yard, but sufficient for the use I will put it. The lamp appears strong enough to bear light lashing and should hang safely 40′ above the waterline…

  3. Perfect for emergencies or camping or when the electricity goes out I keep this on my night stand for emergencies – thinking of getting a second one to keep in the trunk of my car. It has everything I want – can charge by wall outlet or hand crank or sunlight or has an adapter to use in your vehicle; has a sturdy handle to carry and a hook imbedded in the handle to hang the lantern wherever you wish.The light is nice and bright, the lantern is light enough to carry easily from room to room or outdoors. I haven’t yet tested it to see how long the…

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