FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof Anti-Theft USB Charger

THE NEWLY INVENTED SOLAR USB CHARGE BACKPACK WITH ENOUGH COMPARTMENTS AND FULL OF COMFORT Ergonomically designed for your comfort & safety We have tailored a modern backpack with solar panel equipped power supply for your devices to stay fully charged while away from home. With our solar embedded backpack you. Our backpack has padded straps to reduce stress on your shoulders while carrying it. The adjustable straps help you fit the bag for your comfort. The handle loop option for carrying your bag. The breathable padded backs facilitates more comfort on your back. This high-quality solar backpack is embedded with a charging system to help you charge your devices safely. Kindly note that you can only connect a power bank to store the power or charge your devices directly. The backpack doesn’t have a battery for storage of power. We have provided versatile sizes and shapes of compartments to help accommodate all your accessories. Our compartments are partitioned with soft padded walls to help your product stay packed safely and securely. One of its kind backpack This is a classy and fashionable backpack that is built for all. This fashionable bag suit different users and can be used for both formal and informal purposes. Let your accessories stay well organized and your gadgets well charged away from home. A true taste of modern backpack and a true value for your cash. Here is what makes our product unique and the best: Equipped with a solar panel for power supply Waterproof backpack Tailored with durable material The power output of 6W Charges multiple devices Embedded with comfort features Stop Stalling!!! Click “Add To Cart” Now To Purchase This Solar Powered USB Charger Backpack That Has Enough Compartment, Waterproof & Fashionable

Product Features

  • ★SOLAR PANEL POWER SUPPLY BACKPACK: We have amazingly designed the best backpack equipped with a solar panel for your power supply needs. This solar has an output of 6W. Safely charge your devices at your comfort. Can charge several devices at the same time.
  • ★ASSORTED COMPARTMENTS: our top design modern backpack utilizes top-class workmanship to tailor the best bag with enough storage space to accommodate your personal accessories such as phone, laptop & tablet. Your accessories and devices will fit perfectly.
  • ★USER-FRIENDLY BACKPACK: this full of comfort backpack has padded adjustable straps to fit your back well and sit comfortably on your shoulders. A lightweight bag that is equipped with Zipper enclosures to enhance the safety of your accessories. Padded back with thick padding for better carrying experience. Equipped with a handle loop for optional portability.
  • ★WATERPROOF & DURABLE MATERIAL: For the safety of your accessories, we have tailored this modern bag with a waterproof material for safety purposes. The material is strong and durable to last for long with less care. A backpack built to your satisfaction.
  • ★100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated to offering the best products to our customers. If our product doesn’t meet the description above we offer full fund to our clients with no questions asked. Get the true value of your cash, Buy with confidence!!!

3 thoughts on “FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof Anti-Theft USB Charger

  1. After my sister’s family were without electricity for almost a day in the Seattle area, I started looking for solar chargers and came upon this. It arrived today and I am very excited about it. The back pack part is perfect, the fact that zipper is in the back of the pack next to the body, makes it perfect for travelling. Its great for hiking too with the solar panel. And not only the solar panel charges the phone, it can also charge my backup charger / back up battery, just by using the sun…

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