ENKEEO 50W Solar Charger, Foldable Solar Panel with MPPT Controller and TIR-C, DC, USB QC 3.0 and 2.0 Output Ports, Multiple Connection Cables for Smartphones, Laptops, Car Battery, Power Stations

ENKEEO 50W Solar Panel
With this highly efficient 50W solar panel form ENKEEO, reliable TIR-C, and MPPT charging features, you can recharge your smartphones, tablets, power banks, camping lights, laptops, and other electronics. It works with a conversion efficiency of more than 20% and has multiple output ports that include DC, USB 2.0 and USB3.0 (fast charging) ports.

Compact Foldable Design
Its portable size and lightweight 5.37lbs (2.44kg) design make it a great on-the-go power generator. So you can take it on your camping, hiking or trekking trips to get on-the-go energy, or simply use it at your home to harvest energy from the sun. The package includes a 45° solar panel mounting bracket for maximum efficiency.

Wide Applications and Accessories
Keeping your everyday solar recharging needs in mind, ENKEEO provides you with multiple charging cables with this 50W foldable solar panel. Included in the package you get DC-to-DC cable, DC-to-Anderson cable, battery clamps, and a 10-in-1 adapter that fits most of your mobile devices. Simply unpack this solar panel form the box, place it under direct sunlight and connect your devices.

Product Features

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: foldable solar panel 50W from ENKEEO with an impressive ≥20% solar energy conversion; reliable & safe charging with built-in TIR-C and MPPT charge controller
  • 3-TYPE OUTPUT PORTS: extensive compatibility with multiple ports including DC (12v-18v), QC3.0 USB (12V max), and USB 2.0 (4.75-5.45V) to run & recharge most of your mobile devices
  • BRACKET STAND: the package includes a bracket stand; you can mount the solar panel on the stand and it will hold the PV module at 45° angle to get the maximum output energy
  • ACCESSORIES: for everyday solar charging needs, this solar panel comes with DC-DC cable, DC-Anderson cable, battery clamps, and a 10-in-1 connector for different connection ports
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: with its convenient portable size, you can carry it on your outdoor adventures & camping trips to juice-up smartphones, tablets, laptops, lamps, power banks, etc

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