Boat Bow LED Lighting RED & GREEN Navigation Kit

12″ led strips for the bow of your boat. Red & green strips match the standards set for lights that must be on all boats. Easy to install with 3M adhesive on the back of the strips. Strips do have a silicone coating making them waterproof.

Product Features

  • Each strip is 12″ long. There is one green strip and one red strip.
  • Each kit comes with a 5′ pigtail of black power/ground wire allowing you to easily run and hide the wire.
  • Wire can be connected to any 12v source in the boat.
  • Strips have 3M adhesive on them which will allow for mounting on any clean, smooth surface.
  • Strips have a silicon coating on them making them waterproof. In addition to the silicone coating all connections are sealed with silicon as well to assist in protecting the connections.

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