50000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB External Battery Power Bank For Phone

Kindly note: 1. In order to fully activate the battery, please charge it via outlet or computer for 6 hours at least at the first 2-3 uses. 2. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow and the solar charging speed is subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. In daily life, we highly recommend charge it via wall outlet. 3. Fully charging by outlet takes approximately 5-6 hours. Do not charge it all day nor over voltage. 4. For safety, DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature and avoid crashing. Do not make charge while charging itself. Please charge item through wall outlet for the first time. 5. Fully charging by solar takes approximately 36 hours or more. Manufacturer’s Maximal Capacity: 50000mAh; Actual capacity: ~5000-8000mAh Solar charging is supplemental, please do not rely on it for full charge. The iPhone 5-6 Lightning Adapter and the A/C plug are not included with this device! To find Lightning Adapter, look for iPhone 5-6 charging cord, or other. To connect to an electrical outlet, look for a mobile phone A/C power adapter.

Product Features

  • Capacity:50000mAh
  • Solar power charger bank
  • Multifunction digital movable charger
  • Using the efficient boost converter and battery protective IC
  • Powerful with long operation time

One thought on “50000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB External Battery Power Bank For Phone

  1. Great price for 50000 mAh I bought this item because it is supposed to have 50000 mAh battery capacity. The micro USB on the device is a bit crooked upon received but I can still connect the cable to charge. The manual isn’t informative at all–written in somewhat broken English and evasive instructions. The product advice online is more intuitive. The crooked micro USB made me a bit leery. I’m going to charge it for 6 hours as recommended for the first 2-3 use and we’ll see if this product holds up to what it…

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