Sunkingdom Solar Charger 60W Portable Solar Panel Charger with 5V USB 18V DC Dual Output Waterproof Camping Foldable Solar Charger for Cell Phone Tablet GPS iPhone iPad Camera Electronic Device

High Efficiency: The power conversion rate is up to 23.5%, 60 watts of full power, providing enough power to charge DC or USB devices;

More compatible: 5V USB and 18V DC dual output are compatible with most electronic devices, 18V DC for 18V arround products,like laptop,power station and 12V battery, 5V USB output interface can identifies device charging current automatically to achieve quik charging

Portable: Ultra-light weight (3.3 lbs.) and ultra-compact (unfolded size: 64.5 x 15.3 inches) for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing

Highly durable: All material chosen with high quality,PET,EVA,Fabric and Accurated Sewing

With Patent and Certification:Longer warranty and more professional team

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Solar Charger 12000mAh,Solar Power Bank Portable Waterproof Foldable Camping Travel Charger with 4 Solar Panels,Fast Charge Pack with 2 USB Ports Compatible with Smartphones,Tablets and More

4 Solar Panels:With 4 foldable high-effeciency solar panels,up to 1A input current under the sunlight,which is 4 – 6 times faster than the other solar chargers.You can also use micro USB cable to charge it

12000mAh High Capacity:Built-in 12000mAh Li-polymer battery

Dual USB 2.1A Output:Dual 2.1A USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously with 2.1A high speed charging.Auto-detect your devices’ current to pair the optimal output

Built for Outdoors:Rugged construction is dust,shock and waterproof;Built in LED flashlight with SOS mode,perfert for outdoor emergency

Green and Free:Solar Battery Chargers power has no environmental impact whatsoever,drawing its energy entirely from the sun itself.No fuel has to be burned,and therefore,no waste is produced.Aside from the device itself,solar power is entirely free.Every joule of energy you get from solar power costs literally nothing but time and patience

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Solar Power Design Manual

The Solar Power Design Manual will guide you smoothly through the complex process of designing, specifying and installing stand-alone solar power systems for all applications, anywhere in the world.A simple explanation of how solar power works.A maintenance system to get the system work properly.
Design your own solar power system with an easy to follow guide which is downloadable.

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Phone Solar Charger,Yelomin 20000mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Mobile Power Bank,Camping External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB 5V 1A/2A Output 2 Led Light Flashlight with Compass for Tablet iPhone

High Quality Portable Solar Charger – Made of durable and reliable ABS+PC+Silicone material,protects it from rain, dirt and shock / drops.intelligent security protection,avoid over-current, over-voltage, over-load and short circuit,etc. Solar phone charger, featured with compass and 2 bright LED flashlight. Awesome for outside activities such as camping, hiking and other emergency use.

Compatible with Multiple Devices – Compatible with your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Go-pro Camera, Tablets and other USB devices. More than 900+ recharge lifecycle. Solar Charging Travel Power bank with Flashlight / Carabiner, Very reliable and durable.Solar power bank provides more convenience in your daily or in your trip.

Convenient Smart Express Charge – The solar powered charger has dual USB and powerful LED light.Makes it easy to charge two smartphones simultaneously or a tablet at full speed . 2 led lights can be used as flashlight with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode. Five pilot indicators indicate the status of battery charger timely. Green light on when charging by solar, blue light on when USB charging.

Warmth Tips – Solar charging is a charging way for emergency use, and solar panel charging efficiency will be influenced by natural conditions and random factors, such as day and night,season winter and summer,geographical latitude and height above sea level, sunny, cloudy, rainy, and and so on. It’s subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate, which may take long time to charge.External battery charger with solar panel can recharge by solar or outlet.

Best Warranty for Solar Charger – 12 months Warranty,Note: Solar charging is limited,mainly for topping off the unit,please fully charge it by USB cable before travelling or hiking.

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Solar Chargers 30,000mAh, Dualpow Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Charger External Battery Pack Phone Charger Power Bank with Flashlight for Smartphones Tablet Camera (Black)

Two charging options: (MAIN CHARGE) you can use the included micro USB cable and plug it in to your wall plug or (EMERGENCY) you can put the charger in direct sunlight to charge

High Capacity: built-in 30000mAh battery, this charger is a great choice for camping trips or other outdoor activities where outlets are scarce

Dual USB output charging ports and Charge Fast: allow you to charge 2 digital devices simultaneously, also, it charges your phone very fast with the 2.1 usb port

Two extra cool features: a flashlight and a hook, on the back there is a flashlight (Great to have in a pinch!), with a power button on the side (double click the power button to turn the led light on, then double click again to turn the light off). With an included hook, you can hang the charger from a backpack

Due to sunlight intensity and solar panel conversion rate, it may take a LONG TIME to fully charge the power bank . We suggest you fully recharge it VIA OUTLET

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