37″ MC4 Connector Solar Panel Adapter to DC 3.5mm x 1.35mm Cable For Renogy, HQST, ALLPOWERS 100 Watts Solar Panel and Paxcess Solar Generator

How to recharge Paxcess 150Wh power generator by solar panel:
Please expand your solar panel against the sun, then plug the MC4 connector to solar panel, and plug the DC connector to Paxcess 150Wh power generator.
Please note that the cable length is 37 inches not including the MC4 connector & DC connector. The entire cable is 41 inches.

Product Features

  • You can recharge Paxcess 150Wh Power Generator from your solar panel by this MC4 adapter cable.
  • One end is MC4(common solar panel connector), the other end is DC 3.5mm x 1.35mm (Outer diameter 3.5mm,inner diameter 1.35mm).
  • The cable length is 37 inches not including the MC4 connector & DC connector. The entire cable is 41 inches.
  • Universal for all the solar panel kit with MC4 connector.
  • 2 year warranty from the purchase date.

Solar Charger Power Bank, Aedon 20000mAh Portable Solar Power Panel, Dual USB External Battery Pack with LED Flashlight for Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, Gopro Camera and more – Blue

Aedon – Making Things Professional

Aedon solar charger has ultra high capacity, fashionable design, fast charging technology and automatically safety system.

Friendly Customer Service

Welcome to contact us: antunusa@outlook.com , if any issues.

Product Features:

1. High capacity 20000mAh solar power bank with lithium battery, Equivalent to 10 iPhone batteries.
2. A compact solar panel can recharge itself under sunlight.
3. Dual USB ports: one is 5.0V/1A, another is 5.0V/2.1A for fast charging.
4. 4 Integrated LED indicators show the remaining battery.
5. Long lifespan with more than 500 recharging times.


– Capacity: 20000mAh
– Input: DC 5V 2.0A
– Output1: DC 5.0V 1.0A (Max)
– Output2: DC 5.0V 2.1A (Max)
– Dimensions: 6.1″Length x 3.3″Width x 0.9″Height
– Color: Blue
– Weight: 15.87 oz

Package Includes:

● 1 x Aedon A8 Solar Charger
● 1 x USB Cable
● 1 x Instruction Manual


● The weight of huge capacity 20000mAh power bank is 422g.
● This power bank is rainproof but please keep away from deep water.
● Sun power – Attached function for emergency situation. Please charge the power bank to full capacity before going out.
● Sun charging rate is proportional to the area of solar panels, and also be related to the strength of the sun light. We use very good quality solar panel,
but product within a portable small size. It can convert the solar charging current is about 0.1W~0.15W/h (≈0.2A/h)
● So in daily use, we suggest you use electricity to charge, that will be a higher efficiency than solar charge. Hope you can understand, thank you.

Product Features

  • HIGH CAPACITY 20000mAh: Ideal for traveling, camping and other outdoor activities.
  • SOLAR CHARGER FUNCTION – recharge the battery itself under sunlight ( Directly Irradiate ) for emergency purpose while outdoor.
  • Integrated 4 LED indicators show Power status. LED Flash Light ( Double-click the button ) is convenient to use in darkness.
  • Over-charge and over-discharge provides excellent charging service and protects the phone battery.
  • 24 MONTHS WARRANTY. Please feel free to contact us: antunusa@outlook.com, if any issues.

BraveGo 3 in 1 Brand New Universal 10000mAh Portable Dual Panel USB External Backup Battery Charger Solar energy portable power bank with LED camp lamp flashing Emergency lights

Net Weight: 233 g
Gross Weight: 308 g
Dimensions: 120 x 75 x 25 mm
Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 11 x 3 cm
True Volume: 8000mah Power Bank
Color: As seen in the pictures
Input: DC 5V 1A(Max)
Output: DC 5V-1A(Max)
Output: DC 5V-2A(Max)
LED Light: 20
Power capacity: 1O W

As we all know, the power bank will be charged several hours by electrical source. If the volume of the power bank is quite big, it will take more time. In turn, the solar power bank will also be charged several hours in the Strong sunlight.
If the light is not strong enough, indicator light even will not flash. So it will take more time to be charged fully than electrical source. Besides, The charge efficiency of the solar energy is not so high as we imagine, which is the technical difficult problem that every country is seeking a breakthrough.
But we promise our products is high quality and first class at present technology. If the indicator light flash in the sunlight, it is normal and good. If not, 2-year manufacturer warranty, Please contact us if you are faced with issues.No reason to return or refund,All Warranty Guaranteed by the Band BraveGo Service Team. So please do not warry to buy it.

If you do not like, Please remove the protective wrap from solar panel ,then it can absorb in sunlight better!

Product Features

  • Environment protect, save resource: You can use solar energy to charge your mobile phone wherever and whenever. Exquisite workmanship, high-capacity. Equipped with an over-charge protection which effectively extending the battery life,make you use safely. If you do not like, Please remove the protective wrap from solar panel ,then it can absorb in sunlight better!
  • Simple and luxury appearance, ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design, variety of color, fashion, cute,small and compact, easy to carry;
  • Equipped with an over-charge protection which effectively extending the battery life,make you use safely
  • Guaranteed by BraveGo, Note: For the first three times of charging, please use wall charge and make sure to charge it for at least 6 Hours to achieve maximum performance, thank you!
  • 3 in 1: Solar energy, Power bank, Led Lamp, and have double USB cable. The LED light have 4 modes: press the button, first, twice, three times and long press, will show the different mode you want. One mode is LED lamp, very bright, other is Low brightness, fast flashing, slowly flashing, which can used as Emergency lamp, for camp, hike, tour and so on. The lamp can be up to 60 hours of light at the most.

ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Backup for Car Boat Batteries

Related power: 5W
Voc: 22.41V
Vop: 17.9V
Short circuit current (Isc): 0.30A
Working current (Iop): 0.28A
Output Tolerance: ±3%
Temperature range: -40℃ ~ +80℃
SLA Battery Voltage: 12V
Dimensions: 8.7*7.5in (220*190mm)

Package Included:
1pc 12V 5W solar trickle charger with 0.5m cord
1 pair alligator clip adapter with 0.5m cord
4pcs PVC suckers

Product Features

  • Perfect trickle charger/maintainer for 12V batteries of cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, tractors etc.
  • Please note that the protective plastic film on the panel surface is supposed to peel off. The cigarette plug option only works if it has constant power when the key is out of the ignition. When you start the car, please remove the solar panel from the car battery.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving, built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge, not only maintains the battery lifetime but also extends its usage life.
  • Charging 12V rechargeable batteries in emergency, suitable for vehicles in outdoor work or travel or camping training. Easy to install and completely maintenance-free.
  • Comes with the cigarette lighter adapter and 1 pair of battery clips. Uique design-high quality clips to prevent short circuit.

[6W Panel Foldable] HKYH Solar Mobile Light System, Solar Home DC System Kit, 3.7V Lithium Battery – 6W Foldable Panel Solar Home System Kit – including 3 Cell Phone Charger – 2 LED Lights

Solar Mobile Light System:
This solar mobile lighting system comprises of solar panel, controller with premium lithium battery inside, LED bulbs and related wires. It features the benefit of environmental friendly, safe, easy to install, versatile utility, widely used for wild and home lighting.

Waterproof: IP44 Solar panel: Polycrystalline 5V 6W
Battery: Lithium battery,3.7V 8AH
Light source: 2x2W LED light bulbs with 5 meter wire

1.Mobile Charging Outlet: Output 5V 2A, cellphone full charge 2.5 times, with circuit over-discharge protection, save power automatically: turn to sleeping mode after 10 minutes once at ON position without any output load, the indicator light turn off. The outlet starts to export power it connect to any load again automatically.
2.Solar panel charging time: about 4-6 hours(strong and direct light)
3.Illumination time after battery fully charged:1x2W—12hours; 2x2W—6hours.
4.System lifetime: Solar panel 15 years,LED bulb 5 years, lithium battery 2-3 years.
5.Power display indicator light: the power of battery falls into 4 categories(from level 1 power close to zero to level 4 close to full power):Power level 1—red light flickering; Power level 2—red light stays on; Power level 3—orange light stays on; Power level 4—green light stays on.

System Accessories:
1. 2 pc 5 meter wire for each of 2W LED light with ON/OFF switch. Solar panel with 5 meter wire.
2. 1 pc of cellphone charging wire,1 meter long, with ordinary android plug.1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 4, 1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 5.
3. 2 pcs Tapping screw, 2 pcs plastic anchor.

Product Features

  • New Product Promotion!!!HKYH patented solar lighting system is a completely independent off-grid power system,with a foldable solar panel with larger power output.
  • It can add illumination to need areas,or use the 5V 2A to quickly charge cellphone and digital devices.
  • It’s perfect choice for camping, fishing, farming or anyplace without electrical supply.It’s also a complementary lighting for emergency and indoor.
  • The controller box has a rechargeable lithium battery inside.The inicator light on the box shows the amount of power stored.Green light means close to full power.Flickering red light means few or very few power left.
  • For more detailed information please check the description below.

How to Solar Power Your Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back to Basics)

Updated in 2015 with the latest technology, you can learn how solar power will help you. Learn what solar power requires, from cost and equipment to maintenance and preparation. Learn how solar power works and how to start evaluating it for your building needs. Take the cost of installing solar power and learn how long it will take to make money back, including information on federal and state rebates.

IT’S RIDIC! Light up your DOG! Water resistant, USB/Solar Power LED Small Green

We love taking our dogs out at night as they love to stir up (hunt) all sorts of wildlife! Other times we just want to go on a nice walk or take them camping! The IT’S RIDIC! LED collars keep our dogs visible to our eye as well as cars and other pedestrians. We loved the idea of the LED collar so we are bringing them to you! 🙂 Please check available sizes for your dog! SMALL Neck Size 14″ – 17″ MEDIUM Neck Size 17″ – 20″ LARGE Neck Size 20″ – 25″

Product Features

  • Easily spot your furry friend at NIGHT to ensure their safety!
  • SOLAR OR USB charging! Simple to operate LED switch for continuous light, flashing light, or off
  • Reflective seams for high visibility when LED function is off.
  • Light weight, durable and strong stitching with a tough clip ring for walking.
  • Small – Fits dog neck 13.5 to 17.5 inches | Medium – Fits dog neck to 15.5 to 19.5 inches | Large – Fits dog neck 17.5 to 21 inches.

[Solar Battery Charger] iClever 10000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB Port Charger Battery with Led Light, IP67 Waterproof Solar Charger for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android phones

Ready for Travel
Handsized compact design with high capacity 10000mAh lithium polymer battery, this iClever portable solar charger is really perfect for travel all over the world. With solar panel, it can recharge automatically in the sunlight. It is possible to charge quickly in case of emergency such as travel, party, barbecue, hiking, earthquake, disaster etc.

Product Features

  • [Ultra compact design]:Smaller than iPhone 6s,you can carry it anywhere in the world
  • [Solar Energy Technology]: Eco-friendly,equipped with solar panels, can be recharged in the sunlight or by USB power outlet
  • [Built-in 10000mAh HIGH CAPACITY]: Build-in 10000mAh lithium polymer battery ith over 500 times complete charge-discharge cycles. The device is equipped with OVER-CHARGE, OVERLOAD AND SHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION
  • [3 Modes LED Lights]: High, low and strobe light. It’s the best choice for camping, hiking, business travel and other emergency purpose
  • [LIFETIME SUPPORT. WE GUARANTEE IT]: Our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours! You can purchase with confidence, with our 18 month replacement warranty, 30 days money back guarantee and of course our lifetime support guarantee

COOLIS Solar Panel Connector Adapter Cable MC4 to DC 3.5mm x 1.35mm

How to recharge Coolis 150Wh power generator by solar panel:
1,Besides for purchase the Coolis 150Wh power generator(which included this adapter cable), you need to purchase a 15-20V solar panel seperately.
2,Please expand the solar panel against the sun, then plug the MC4 connector to solar panel, and plug the DC connector to Coolis 150Wh power generator.

Product Features

  • The COOLIS 150Wh generator already included this solar panel adapter cable into the package.
  • You can recharge COOLIS 150Wh Power generator from your solar panel by this MC4 adapter cable.
  • One end is MC4(common solar panel connector), the other end is DC 3.5mm x 1.35mm (Outer diameter 3.5mm,inner diameter 1.35mm).
  • Universal for all the solar panel kit with MC4 connector; Cable Length is 200mm. Special short design for easy storage but enough for use.
  • 2 year warranty from the purchase date.

F.Dorla® 30000mAh Solar Charger Waterproof Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB Charger Built in LED Flashlight for iPhone Android Phone PSP MP3 Camera and Other 5V USB Devices (30000mAh)

Safe and reliable
Build-in Lithium Polymer battery cells, short-circuit and over current protection, device will automatically shutdown when short circuit or overload output happened, avoiding the destroy of device and accident

Outdoor necessities
Waterproof, built in LED flashlight and with 30000mAh high capacity. Expect for tents and backpacks, this solar power bank is definately another necessities when you go camping

Where there is sunlight, there is electricity. You can charge it under sunlight directly.

What device can it power?
All kinds of tablet, iPad, iPod, iPhone (iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S,etc), Android phones (Samsung, HTC, Nokia,etc) PSP, Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speaker and many other electronic devices.

Battery Type: Li-Polymer battery
Capacity: 30000mAh
Solar power: 1.5W
Input: Micro USB 5V/1A
Output: USB1: 5V/1A(for cell phone); USB 2: 5V/ 2.1A (for iPad&tablet)
Size: 5.20 x 3.15 x 0.67 inches
Weight: 250g

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Charger
1 x USB data cables
1 x Manual

Note: Solar charging is specially designed for emergencies, it’s not a primary source of charging due to the compact solar panel size, which may take a long time. In general usage, we recommend charge the solar charger via an adapter or computer to shorten the charge time.

Product Features

  • Power Bank Advantage:Intelligent high effciency up to 93% conversion rate, Lasting life security rapid smart charging, for travel and camping essential choice
  • Built-in 30000mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery,Powerful with long operation time. Solar energy technology, the item could charge itself under sun for emergency
  • Waterproof, built in LED flashlight and with 30000mAh high capacity. Expect for tents and backpacks, this solar power bank is definately another necessities when you go camping
  • The LED flashlight works perfectly in darkness, especially for emergency. Just press the button twice, the LED will light up
  • Universal device compatibility/ Dual USB Port: Creative solar phone charger for Apple Watch, iPhone 6 Plus 6 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge S5 S4 S3 Note 5 4 3, LG G4 G3, Nexus, HTC, Gopro Camera, GPS etc. and charge 2 devices at the same time. Or you can share your backup power with your friend,convenient and sweet