Solar Charger,PowerGreen 21W Portable Solar Panel with 2 USB Ports for all 5V Mobile Devices (Green)

The Less The Waste, The More The Power
Thanks to SUNPOWER solar panels, benefit from a total solar conversion ratio up to 24%. Make sure to always get the most power you can, whether you are home or hiking in a sunny day. Plug in up to two devices at once and let Nature take care of the rest.

PowerGreen Solar Charger, Smaller, Yet Powerful
A lightweight portable device that will be no nuisance during your most adventurous treks. Hook it up to your backpack, tent, or up the nearest tree, and make sure to get as much power out of the sun as possible. The ideal choice for camping, hiking, cycling, and any other outdoor activities where running out of power cannot be a concern.

Dual-USB Charging
Charging two devices simultaneously with dual USB port, the PowerGreen 21W Solar Charger has maximum current output of 2A per USB port or total of 3A. Your devices will be back to full battery in no time.

Superior Portability
Compact design (11.7×6.6in folded or 27.3×11.7in opened) and rugged stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner make attaching it to a backpack or tent a cinch. Super lightweight (1.3Ib) and thin (1.56in folded or 0.39in opened), it easily fits in a daypack.

Incredibly Durable
Industrial-strength PET plastic faced solar panels sewn into high-wear polyester canvas ensure it’s able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Safety
Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.

Get the PowerGreen Edge:
-12 months worry-free warranty
-100% customer satisfaction
-Premium quality, cutting edge technology at affordable prices

Product Features

  • HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY: SUNPOWER mono-crystalline solar panel increases conversion efficiency up to 24% which is much higher than common solar panel charger
  • DUAL USB OUTPUT Solar Charger: provide enough power to charge two devices at the same time when you run into embarrassing power outage moments
  • INCREDIBLY DURABLE: Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE: Foldable design for easy carry and transport, water resistant to endure all weather conditions, great for nature trips, hiking, picnic, sailing or other outdoor activities (Water resistant for the main body of the panel, not including the USB output ports)
  • SLIM AND POWERFUL Solar Panels: 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar silicon. The total power increased by 1/3 in compare with the same solar panel size; eye-holes enable easy attachment to backpacks while camping

PortaPow USB Power Monitor Version 2 (Multimeter / DC Ammeter for Solar Panels, Mains Chargers, etc)

All new improved version 2 released October 2014

This multi-meter plugs directly into any USB socket and allows you to connect any USB cable into it for charging and data transfer. It displays on screen the voltage, current and wattage which is being output, acting as both a volt and amp meter. All three are shown simultaneously, there is no need for the display to change between what is shown on screen. It is powered inline so no battery is needed, and uses low resistance components with <2mA (10mW) power consumption for the most accurate readout.

Unlike other designs, this uses an LCD display which uses less power and can be easily seen even in bright conditions, making it suitable for use outdoors to test solar chargers. If you ever need to use it in the dark, push the button to activate the backlight.

A built in flexible extension cable means you can turn the screen to face you – it won't be fixed facing the floor/wall regardless of how the USB socket is oriented and it won't block other USB sockets nearby. When its not being used the cable snaps back into the main body for tidy storage.

The meter is useful to test different USB chargers and cables to see which charges faster, how much power your device consumes during use/charging, and for solar panels with USB outputs, since it will then allow you to position the panel to maximize the energy it outputs, see what factors affect the panel's performance, and also to see when the output is too low to be worth using the solar panel.

The monitor is suitable for 0-2.5 Amps, and 3-7 Volts and has an accuracy better than 1%. For a wider range of measurements and improved precision consider our
Premium Power Monitor instead – search for B00LZ07BG0.

Product Features

  • Plugs into any USB socket, shows the Current, Voltage and Power going to your phone/battery pack etc
  • Useful for testing the power/quality of mains chargers, usb cables, and solar panels.
  • 0-2.5A, 3-7V Range, Accurate to 0.01A, 0.01V. Uses <2mA (10mW) for the most accurate readout.
  • Backlit LCD (Not cheaper LED) screen so you can take readings in darkness or outdoors in sunlight.
  • Built in cable means you can turn the screen to face you, folds back into body for storage.

300000mah Solar Power Bank Dual USB Portable External Battery Charger For phone

Description High capacity solar power bank ccapacity:300000mAh Charge most of devices like: Samsung, Iphone, HTC, Nokia and all mobile phones and MP3, MP4, Ipad, Ipod, etc.. – This product is a multi-function solar emergency charger. – Meet an emergency: When you go to outside or power cuts, you also can use your mobile phone with solar energy. – Convenience: Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone in time, and you could talk with others when charging. – Environment protect, save resource: You can use solar energy to charge your mobile phone wherever and whenever. – Exquisite workmanship, high-capacity,light weight and thin design with metal shell. – Solar efficient charging: high-capacity rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery, powerful with long operation time, long cycle life. – double – voltage mode, The charger battery is widely used for most mobile phones and other digital devices for charging. – Multiple intelligent security protection: over current, overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection 2 USB Outputs: – 1A USB output is for mobile cell phones/MP3/MP4 etc. – 2A USB output is for tablet computers etc. 3 ways of charging: – AC power supply:AC adapter + Mini port USB charging cable – USB cable:Connect the power bank to computer via USB charging cable – Solar charging:Put the power bank in the sun,the stronger the sun, the faster the charging Specifications Color: Orange Input: DC 5V / 1000 mAh. Output: DC 5V / 1000 mAh,5V / 2100 mAh. Product: New Solar Power Bank Batteries: Japan’s imports of solar panels Size: 130(L)x80(W)x10(H)mm Edition type: Fashion / High-quality / High tech/ Compatible with: Universal usb output – All phones are applicable (Iphone, Samsung, Ipad, mp3 etc.) package included: 1 x Solar Power Bank 1 x USB Charge Cable

SUAOKI 60W Portable Sunpower Mono-Crystalline Folding Solar Panel With DC 18V and USB 5V Output Charger for All 5-18V Electronic Devices

Renewable Energy Anytime, Anywhere
Are you tired of packing batteries in your backpack or everyday carry? No time for heavy external batteries which need charging in advance? Simply unfold a Suaoki solar panel and enjoy clean and unlimited power from direct sunlight.

Charge Fast, Charge Smart
An intelligent chip inside our product will automatically adjust the electrical current in order to offer the fastest possible charge for whatever device is plugged in, without overloading or overheating that device. During charging, our SUNPOWER mono-crystalline silicon material will offer up to 25% efficiency, meaning you could charge your mobile device through the USB port while charging your car’s or laptop’s battery via the DC port.

Designed to be Carried Around
Each panel is about the size of a regular piece of paper, making it perfect for traveling and/or outdoor activities, especially when it is folded up into its convenient – to – carry form. In addition, mounting loops on the product allow you to easily attach it to your backpack or any other location, and the PET-coated panels – bound together with heavy-duty polyester – ensure that your product will remain water and weather proof.

Charging Port Output: DC 18V/3.4A(Max) & USB 5V/2.1A
Power: 60W
Folding size: 11.42*6.30*2.76inch(290*160*70mm)
Unfolding size: 64.57*11.42*0.08inch(1640*290*2mm)
Weight: 1.41Kg/3.10Lbs/49.73oz
Attention:please check the model, size, voltage and power of your laptop adapter to ensure compatibility before using.

Package Contents
– 1 x 60W Foldable Dual-Port Solar Charger bag
– 1 x Car Charger
– 1 x 10-in-1 Connector Cable for Laptops
– 1 x SAE-to-Clamp for Storage Battery
– 2 x DC-to-DC Cables
– 1 x DC-to-SAE
– 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Dual-Port Output: provides enough power to charge two devices, one for USB charging devices and the other for DC output(up to 18V) at the same time when you run into embarrassing power outage moments.
  • Versatile and ultra-portable: You can not only charge your mobile devices powered by sunlight, but also can charge your car by the included car charger via the DC port and charge the storage battery by using the clamp.
  • Suaoki TIR-C Technology: Build-in smart IC for each USB port the charger can automatically and quickly identify the current of your equipment and speed up the charge process.
  • High Conversion Efficiency: 60 watt SUNPOWER mono-crystalline solar panel increases conversion efficiency up to 25% which is much higher than common solar panel charger (≤15%).
  • Waterproof layer of the Output pocket and the solar panel: you can charge your devices and enjoy the sunlight near the swimming pool or on the beach without the fear of getting your devices wet.

Solar Wireless Baby Night Light,Christmas Gift featuring MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Light with Nightlight Cover Handcrafted in USA by Terra Friendly. Nice Baby Shower Gift. (Moons and Stars)

Your Night Light never looked this good.

Two leaders in revolutionary product ideas that make a difference around the world have teamed up to bring you a truly original product – the MPOWERD-Terra Friendly Luci Night Light.

We started with the leader in solar lanterns – Luci by MPOWERD. This inflatable lantern light charges just by setting it in the sun, so you’ll never need to buy a battery. And, it’s completely safe – cordless, never heats up, and features 3 settings of bright, clean lighting.  Use it in your children’s nursery, kids room, bathroom, or anywhere you need a little light.  These lanterns are lightweight, waterproof and completely solar, making them perfect for any family adventure, as well as camping, backpacking and emergency kits (they also have a handle for easy carrying.) Plus the built-in battery level indicator lets you know just how much charge you have left.

Each solar light comes with a handcrafted, washable slip cover, available in an array of patterns.  These patterns and material have been handpicked by Terra Friendly, and sewn in the USA by hard working seamstresses.  Our professional team members take the utmost care in preparing your cover, assuring that it is beautiful and practical.  And, we inspect each cover for quality and fit.

Give you and your kids the best – no other night light on Amazon provides both solar, eco-friendly qualities, AND the comfort of a snuggable cover that our hybrid product does.

MPOWERD is a New York City-based B Corp that creates innovative and affordable products to help people fit clean energy into their daily lives.

Terra Friendly inspires greater connection to family and the outdoors, offering products that improve our adventures, thus increasing our awareness of our awesome planetary home.
Embrace Yourself. Embrace Our Planet.

Product Features

  • TEACH YOUR KIDS to be environmentally conscious. Sunlight is all you need. No cords or batteries.
  • 100% SAFE. Waterproof, no scratchy hard plastic, bounces quietly, soft covers are washable.
  • KIDS LOVE TO CARRY IT AROUND. Take it in the pool or bathtub. You can totally submerge this light.
  • VERSATILE. Bring camping, hiking, backpacking, boating or biking. Great for tents or emergencies.
  • PROTECT OUR PLANET. Packed in recycled and recyclable materials to minimize our impact.

Hotsale! 8LED Solar Power Lights PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Waterproof Lamp

Solar Panel: 5.5V / 0.44W, 17% efficiency
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V, 600MA
LED: 8 PCS, 0.8W, 6000-6500K, 80Lumers
High Light Delay: 20 seconds
Ray Sensor: Auto-light at night Operating Mode: Light control + infrared body sensors
Sensor:Light sensor and sensitive motion sensor
Working Time: More than 8 hours
Solar Charging Time: 6 hours (1000W/m2)
Motion Angel and Distance: 120 degree/ 3 meters
Lighting Mode: Off / Dim / Bright (Off: restore energy and keep dark in the daytime,
DIM: weak lighting for saving power,
Bright: motion activate for lighting)
Switch Pin: Turn on/ off the light by hand
Waterproof: IP65
Material: ABS
Package Size: 9 x 12 x 5 cm
Net Wight: 0.18 kg
Gross Wight: 0.2kg
Warranty: One year warranty
Make sure turn on power switch the first time before using;
Place or install the sensitive motion solar lamp under the sunlight;
Solar Charge can charge quicker under strong sunlight. It may cannot charge or charge slowly under weak sunlight. The charging time depends on the sunlight intensity.
Package Include:
1 PC Solar PIR Motion Sensor 8 LED Light 2 PC Installing Screws   2 PC Expansion pillar-hinge
1 PC Probe 1 PC Manual

Product Features

  • Solar Panel: 5.5V / 0.44W, 17% efficiency.
  • Li-ion Battery: 3.7V, 600MA.
  • LED: 8 PCS, 0.8W, 6000-6500K, 80Lumers.
  • Motion Angel and Distance: 120 degree/ 3 meters.
  • Lighting Mode: Off / Dim / Bright (Off: restore energy and keep dark in the daytime, DIM: weak lighting for saving power, Bright: motion activate for lighting).

Solar Power Sensor Wall Light, Costech 62 LED Ultra Bright Wireless Security Rainproof Motion Weatherproof Outdoor Lamp for Patio ,Deck ,Yard ,Garden ,Home,Driveway (2 Pack)

Widely used for illumination in pathway, driveway, garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, and anywhere in which getting solar energy
Brighter 62 LED Lights,Four Intelligent Modes.
Better Waterproof Level metal detector camping solar
Upgraded solar panel, thus getting faster battery charging in less sunshine environment.
8 to 12 hours of working time with a single charge

Battery: 3.7V 2200mah LI-ion battery
Solar panel: 2W
High light delay:30s
Lumen: 320lm
Solar charging time:>8 hours
Working time: 12 hours
LED lifespan:5000h
Sensor Distance: 3-5 meters
Sensor Angle: 120 Degree

Packing Content
2 x Motion Sensor Light
2 x Mounting Accessories kit(include 8 screw,8 Sleeve)
2 x User Manual

Product Features

  • [Solar Powered Lights]- Quicker charging speed and higher conversion rate, 2200mAh lithium battery to store solar power in daylight, 62 LED lights providing sufficient and bright lighting during night.
  • [Intelligent Detection]- Auto on at night / auto off at sunrise; 10 feet/3 meters Sensor Distance. (the light won’t be turned on in daylight, even motion is detected).
  • [Long Working Time]- Built-in 2200mAh replaceable 18650 lithium batteries, it only needs 8hours to be fully charged and can last for 12hours working time. Let the solar panel get enough sunshine during the day and it will turn on automatically at night to act as a security light.
  • [Installs easily in seconds]- just peel and stick to any surface (bricks, stucco, siding, wood, metal, glass etc.) Or Screws and a hinge are provided and no complicated wiring is necessary.
  • [Greater Sensor Ball Head]- Compared to other similar lights, the white sensor ball head gets bigger and more powerful so as to have a longer sensor length

Power Generation: Build Your Own Solar And Wind Power Generating System: (Energy Independence, Lower Bills & Off Grid Living) (Self Reliance)

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Power Generation: (FREE Bonus Included)

Build Your Own Solar And Wind Power Generating System

There is no greater power source than the one that rises and sets every day just over the horizon. The sun as the ultimate in renewable energy is of course a great option to turn to in our resource depleted world of today. But as nice as all that sounds, the only question is; how do you access it? Sure, you could purchase solar panels from a dealer and hire someone to professionally install it for you, but this often costs quite a bit of money to do. Money that for many of us in this current economic downturn; just don’t have.

But hold on a second—because here’s an even better question for you—why pay a high price tag for solar power when you can do it all yourself? Because now, like never before, solar power systems on the forefront of DIY projects. Sites like Pinterest abound with bloggers sharing their stories of trekking out to the middle of nowhere, unplugging from the grid, and harnessing the power of the sun.

Because of tales like these many are intrigued by the concept of do it yourself solar power. Despite the interest that has been generated however, many feel that DIY solar power is just too complicated a feat for them to achieve. And they wind up with more questions than answers as to how they could ever complete such a task. Well my friends look no further; this book answers every question you may have

Wind Power is becoming a major part of the clean energy revolution. And by 2020 many parts of the world are pledging to place significant chunks of their energy development in this resource. In this book you will learn a brief history of its use and how it can be applied in order to provide a steady source of pollution free energy for many years to come. This book demonstrates like never before the true potential that wind energy can provide for us all.

The innovative power of wind turbine has made reliable renewable energy available for the masses like never before. As long as the Earth has wind, this energy source will not run out. And now that much of the structural cost of wind technology has gone down, this resource is more readily available than ever before. If you have been searching for a way to get away from grid based energy and provide yourself with a great source of free, renewable power, then by all means, please buy this book!

Expressly written with the energy conscious, off-grid thinker in mind, this book really brings the goods. Teaching how to construct a highly efficient solar and wind power system that in many cases is even better than the store bought variety. With a direct narrative communicating complex ideas in layman’s terms no matter what level of knowledge you have in regard to power system’s, this book takes the concepts straight from the drawing board and directly to you.

Download your E book “Power Generation: Build Your Own Solar And Wind Power Generating System” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Calculator, 10 Digit Apple Style Design Calculator Dual Power Calculator Solar Battery LCD Display Office Calculator(Silver)

Product Description:

• Easy to read calculator with extra large LCD display, 10 digit display
• General purpose desktop calculator, perfect for home, office or store.
• Metal panel, ABS material durable plastic buttons
• Solar and battery dual power works even longer.
• High resilience key design convenient input
• Everplus Electronic Desktop Calculator The shell plastic using new durable materials

Package includes:
• 1 x Everplus Electronic Desktop Calculator

Product Features

  • NEW DESIGN: Everplus Apple style design Calculator, simple appearance and comfortable touch,let you office more high-end, magnificent and classy.
  • DUAL POWER: Solar and Battery, solar function works even in the dim light
  • CONVENIENT: Ergonomic design comfortable button, Wide keyboard with raised keys and increased pressure sensitivity
  • SPECIAL GIFTS: Everplus Apple style design Calculator was simple and classic, it’s really a great gift for friends,boss or kids.
  • Easy to carry, perfect choice for office business and home use.MORE PREFERENTIAL INFO AS FOLLOWS