[New Release] Poweradd™ High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, other Smartphones and Tablets, Gopro Cameras and More

Why Poweradd Solar Panel?

Unlike most other solar panels on the market, Poweradd solar panel have two major breakthroughs.

1. Higher efficiency

The efficiency of Poweradd solar panel is up to 22%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.

2. Unique design – Equipped with Voltage Regulator to ensure stability

The only minus of free sunlight is not stable, solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to unstable current and voltage, which will shorten your device’s life or even damage it. Poweradd solar panel’s voltage regulator keeps your device getting stable voltage and current, perfectly protect it while charging.

Where there is sunlight, there is endless power

22% high solar efficiency provides upto 5V/2000mA output, once connected, limitless and free power keep powering up your gadgets.

Superior Portability

With folding size 11.97″ x 6.29″ x 0.39″ and unfolding size 18.50″ x 11.81″ x 0.15″, ultra-compact and super portability. Eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpacks while on the go.

Wide Compatibility

Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices.

Easy to use

Unfold the Poweradd™ solar panel under DIRECT sunshine, connect your device to the USB port, then place the connected device in the solar panel’s pocket or keep it out of the sunshine to protect it.

Warranty Policy:

12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from Poweradd™.

Professional technical support, Efficient and always satisfied customer service 24*7 available.

Product Features

  • Amazing Efficiency: Constructed of SUNPOWER® solar arrays, up to 22% efficiency provides 2A output (MAX), easier and faster to replenish juice for your hungry gadgets.
  • Lightest weight and ultra compact: only the half weight of other normal 14W solar panels on the market – 13.40 ounces. Folding size only 11.97″ * 6.29″ * 0.39″ for superior portability.
  • Uniqued voltage regulater design to ensure stable voltage and current, protects your device while charging. Premium single output charge your any gadgets at lightning speed – 2A(MAX).
  • High quality waterproof canvas for weather-resistant outdoor durability. Well-placed eyeholes enable easy attachment to backpacks while on the go.
  • Package contents: Poweradd™ high efficiency 14W solar panel, user manual.

Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern 24 Super Bright LEDs Solar Power or Wind Up Energy

NEBO ECO LANTERN is a portable, reliable energy-saving lantern with 24 super bright energy efficient white LEDs that guarantee continuous supreme illumination. ECO LANTERN uses a 6V 2.5AH Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery to give you supreme illumination every time! This lantern generates and stores power by 4 methods of charging: Solar power, AC power, DC power and wind up. No batteries needed. EVER, just super bright white light whenever you need it. The ECO LANTERN has an LED indicator light that changes from red to green when fully charged. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, road trips, RVing, power outages, at home use, or any emergency situation.

Product Features

  • 24 Super Ultra Bright Energy Efficient White LEDs
  • Powered by Solar or Wind Up Energy
  • Has LED Indicator Light Changes from Red to Green Fully Charged
  • AC Wall charger and DC 12-Volt Car Charger
  • 4 Methods of Charging, Solar Power, AC Power, DC and Wind Up

Green Works 00460 Commercial Solutions Glass and Surface Cleaner, 64 fl oz Refill

Green Works glass and surface cleaner commercial solutions refill combines naturally derived ingredients with the streak free cleaning power. Delivers a streak free shine on glass, mirrors and stainless steel. Use on wide variety of surfaces. Contains no ammonia. Removes tough dirt and residue for a streak-free shine. Green Works glass and surface cleaner contains 95 percent naturally derived ingredients that cut through dirt and filmy residue with streak free results. Green Works glass and surface cleaner is tough on many surfaces in your kitchens and bathrooms, including glass, mirrors, appliances and stainless steel. Green Works glass and surface cleaner are made with plant and mineral based cleaning ingredients. Are never tested on animals. Use environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible. Are acknowledged by the EPA’S design for the environment program. Can use in schools, offices, restaurants. For spray, turn nozzle to “ON” position. Spray soiled areas. Wipe with paper towel or cloth. Great natural window cleaner that’s safe for use on glass, mirrors, appliances, stainless steel and sealed granite. Ingredient: alkyl polyglucoside, ethanol, fragrance with essential oils, glycerine, sodium carbonate. Size: 64 oz Refill.

Product Features

  • Green Works glass and surface cleaner commercial solutions refill
  • 95 Percent naturally derived glass and surface cleaner
  • Delivers a streak-free shine on glass, mirrors and stainless steel
  • Use on wide variety of surfaces
  • Contains no ammonia

API SuperClean Power Filter, Size 50

API SuperClean Power Filter


API SuperClean power filter is easy to use and makes water crystal clear. The exclusive research grade resin-carbon blend in the API Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove. The dual water intake reinforces filtration as it captures the water from just below the surface, where excreted fish oils accumulate, and deeper in the tank removing floating debris. The biological media caddy is uniquely designed so that it keeps the media in place, even during cartridge replacement operation, so bacteria are not disturbed, and end-users enjoy easy maintenance.

About API

API has been an aquatics industry leader for over 50 years, and we are committed to developing the best products and solutions to simplify the care of aquariums and ponds


  • Makes water clean and clear
  • Dual water intake
  • Very porous media and easy to use caddy
  • Densely filled cartridge
  • Cartridge change reminder
  • Water flow adjuster
  • Quiet leak-free design

Filter Size SuperClean 5-20 SuperClean 30 SuperClean 50
Aquarium Size From 5 to 20 U.S GAL Up to 30 U.S GAL Up to 50 U.S GAL
Flow-Rate (Gallons per hour) 100 GPH 130 GPH 200 GPH
Uses cartridge size 5-20 30 50

Other items to consider

API Bio-Chem Zorb- Makes water clear and clear, removes colors and odors, removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove

There are times when you are in need of more than just clear water. API also provides you a wide range of filtration solutions:

NITRA-ZORB reduces risk of fish loss when starting an aquarium. It removes toxic ammonia and nitrite at aquarium start-up and also reduces nitrate in the aquarium.

PHOS-ZORB eliminates cloudy water caused by phosphates. It removes phosphate and silicate, common nutrients.

Also available for API Superclean power filters, the Bio-chem stars quickly establishes the biological filter. They provide 4 times more surface area for massive bacterial colonization than classic ceramic rings.

Product Features

  • Makes water clean and crystal clear
  • Advanced cartridge technology
  • Quiet, leak-free design

Cover for AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer (Black / Blue / Green). (Black)

Our heavy-duty, outdoor quality vinyl cover protects your AR Blue Clean AR383 power washer from sun damage, water damage, snow damage, and UV damage. Sized perfectly for the AR Blue Clean AR383 – slips on easily and conforms to the body of the washer for a secure fit.

Product Features

  • Fits AR Blue Clean model 383 (AR383) Power Washer
  • High quality heavy-duty vinyl
  • UV protection
  • Crack-resistant
  • Weather resistant

Viva Decor .8-Ounce Golden Green Precious Metal Liquid Color

Enhance the look of your craft product using the Precious Metal Colour product line from Viva Decor. This highly pigmented liquid metal effect product gives you strong and intensive color in gentle shimmering shades. It can be applied to almost any surface with a brush or deliver an interesting patination using a sponge. A water based acrylic product with high performance covering power available in a large range of colors.

Product Features

  • Viva Decor Precious Metal Color is a highly pigmented liquid metal effect product that can be applied to almost any clean, dry surface
  • Strong and intensive color in gentle shimmering shades
  • Can be applied with a brush or craft sponge
  • High performance covering power
  • Large color range

Gear Aid ReviveX Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Boot Care Kit

When you need to waterproof hiking boots, clean suede shoes or restore GORE-TEX footwear, only one boot care kit will do. Gear Aid’s ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit is the high-tech treatment for your high-tech footwear. It will safely clean and waterproof even nubuck, suede and waterproof-breathable boots and shoes to keep your feet looking good and feeling dry.When you’re enjoying the great outdoors, your favorite hiking shoes and boots can get scratched up, stained and haggard-looking. When they need a little TLC, just apply ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate, scrub the surface with the boot brush, rinse and let dry. They’ll look like new again in no time flat.Keep your kicks clean and dry with the ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit by Gear Aid.

Product Features

  • ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit by Gear Aid Safely Waterproofs Boots, Cleans Shoes
  • ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit by Gear Aid contains everything you need to safely waterproof boots before use, clean shoes or restore old boots to look like new again.
  • Shoe care kit cleans, waterproofs and prevents staining. Ideal for use on nubuck, fabric or suede shoes and boots.
  • Safe for waterproof-breathable footwear. Restores boots and shoes to like-new condition.
  • Includes: ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Water Repellent; ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate; specialized boot brush; scuff eraser block; handy bag with carry strap

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Silver Ridge Multi Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt, Clean Green Mini Check, Medium

Designed to keep you dry, protected and comfortable during long active days in the sun, this Columbia classic features quick-wicking material, strategic venting, classic plaid prints and built-in UPF 30 blocking power.

Product Features

  • Omni-Wick moisture management
  • Omni-Shade UPF 30 sun protection
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Sun protection collar
  • Mesh pocket bags