Rubbermaid Commercial 9VPH12 12″ Power Height Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 11A Power, 13.8″ Depth x 12″ Width x 46″ Height

The Rubbermaid Commercial 9VPH12 12″ Power Height upright vacuum cleaner has a self-adjusting brush roll for vacuuming carpets and hard surfaces, a 12-inch cleaning path, a removable nozzle for cleaning and service, and two rear wheels for maneuverability. Upright vacuums are better suited for cleaning carpets than typical canister vacuums and take up less space for storage. The vacuum’s 1.8-horsepower dual motor helps clean the floor in a single pass to reduce vacuuming time. During operation, the brush roll raises and lowers automatically to adjust to different surfaces; the brush roll motor shuts off when the handle is in the upright position to help keep the machine from running unnecessarily. The handle can be lowered to a flat position with a foot pedal at the base of the unit to vacuum under tables, beds, and chairs. The power button is located on the top of the handle. The vacuum cleaner includes a crevice tool and an upholstery tool stored onboard for use in different cleaning tasks.

This vacuum has an onboard diagnostic system of red and green electronic indicator lights that illuminate in seven different patterns to alert to and help identify common issues such as a blocked hose, a full bag, and a jammed brush roll. It has a wrap-around bumper to help prevent damage to walls and furniture, a carry handle for transport, and a cord-wrap that holds the cord for storage. The 40-foot power cord enables the vacuum to cover a larger area without changing outlets than vacuums with shorter cords, and has a grounded plug to help protect against electric shock.

This vacuum collects debris in an included 5.63-quart disposable paper bag, which has an elastic collar that connects tightly to the dirt-tube to help keep debris inside the bag. This product is CRI Green Label certified for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to help improve indoor air quality, and it also has a CRI Seal of Approval for soil removal and indoor air quality. It can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Building (EB) credits for cleaning equipment. The vacuum requires simple tools-free assembly; instructions included.


Motor Power1.8 horsepower/11 amp
Motor Airflow105 CFM
Motor Waterlift98 inches/248.9 cm
Sound Level67.7 dBA
Capacity5.63 quart
Dimensions46 x 12 x 13.8 inches/116.8 x 30.5 x 35 cm (H x W x D)*
Weight23 lb. (without cord)

*H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum in order to suck up dust, dirt, and debris from floors and other surfaces. The dirt is collected in a disposable bag, a cyclone, or another chamber for disposal. Intake and exhaust air is usually filtered through a cloth, polyethylene, or paper membrane to keep dust particles from clogging the motor or being released back into the air. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters are used for applications that require the filtration of very fine particles. Vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of styles, including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, backpack vacuums, and wet and dry vacuums. Vacuum cleaners may have residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Commercial and residential vacuums often include attachments like a hard floor nozzle, a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle, and a dust brush for different cleaning tasks. Commercial vacuums are designed to clean large, heavily-trafficked areas like office buildings and retail spaces, and so are typically more powerful and durable that vacuum cleaners designed for home use. Industrial vacuum cleaners are large stationary or truck-mounted machines used in a range of industries such as abrasive blast recovery, roof rock removal, asbestos and hazardous waste removal, steel mills, and shipyards.

Rubbermaid manufactures cleaning, organizing, and material handling products for commercial, medical, and industrial applications. The company, founded in 1933, is headquartered in Huntersville, NC.

What’s in the Box?
  • 9VPH12 vacuum parts
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Paper dust bags (3)
  • Owner’s manual
  • Trouble shooting information on page 3 of Owner’s manual

Product Features

  • Upright vacuum is better suited for cleaning carpets than typical canister vacuums and takes up less space for storage
  • 1.8-HP dual motor vacuum provides one-pass cleaning to reduce vacuuming time
  • Brush roll automatically adjusts to clean hard floors and carpets
  • Red and green electronic indicator lights illuminate in seven different patterns to indicate common issues such as a blocked hose, a full bag, and a jammed brush roll
  • Received a CRI Green Label certification for low VOC emissions and a CRI Seal of Approval for soil removal and indoor air quality

MOBI Tykelight GloMate

GloMate is a huggable multi colored portable light suitable for play, nighttime or travel. It’s BPA free, safety tested, certified and made of impact resistant plastic with an easy to clean surface so it can withstand heavy toddler use. Powered by heat free LED bu pound it can lie in bed, slowly dimming over 15 minutes, to help your kidlets transition to a lights out room. The light cycles slowly through red, green, blue and rainbow or can be set to remain on solid blue color. The GloMate automatically turns on when removed from the charging station or in the event of a power outage. The built in battery is good for up to a 10 hour charge.

Product Features

  • LED light gives off no heat
  • Blue, green, red or rainbow colors; Colors can be cycled, 15 minute dim to sleep mode in blue color; Glows 10 hours per charge
  • Easy to clean soft touch surface; Safe and durable impact resistant plastic for little ruffians
  • Kid friendly auto on for grab n go action; Auto on during power outage
  • BPA and lead free safety tested and certified

Boat Bow LED Lighting RED & GREEN Navigation Kit

12″ led strips for the bow of your boat. Red & green strips match the standards set for lights that must be on all boats. Easy to install with 3M adhesive on the back of the strips. Strips do have a silicone coating making them waterproof.

Product Features

  • Each strip is 12″ long. There is one green strip and one red strip.
  • Each kit comes with a 5′ pigtail of black power/ground wire allowing you to easily run and hide the wire.
  • Wire can be connected to any 12v source in the boat.
  • Strips have 3M adhesive on them which will allow for mounting on any clean, smooth surface.
  • Strips have a silicon coating on them making them waterproof. In addition to the silicone coating all connections are sealed with silicon as well to assist in protecting the connections.

Philips Sonicare HX6013 Proresults Brush Head, Standard, 3 Pack

Designed to work with multiple Sonicare models, proresults snap-on replacement brush heads feature a larger surface area and radial-trimmed, contoured bristles to thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums.

Maintaining good oral health is easy with the Philips Sonicare ProResults Standard toothbrush heads. Designed to work with multiple Sonicare models, these snap-on replacement brush heads feature a large surface area and radial-trimmed, contoured bristles to thoroughly clean and massage teeth and gums. The blue reminder bristles fade to let you know when it’s time for replacement. Replace your brush head every three months for best results.

callout top with logo

HX6013/66 ProResults Brush Head Standard, 3-Pack
At a Glance:
  • Three snap-on replacement ProResults Standard brush heads
  • Contoured bristles fit the natural shape of teeth
  • Angled, radial-trimmed bristles for increased tooth coverage
  • Reminder bristles fade to indicate replacement time
  • Replace brush head every three months for best results
  • Fits DiamondClean, FlexCare +, FlexCare, HealthyWhite, and EasyClean handles
Philips Sonicare HX6013/66 ProResults Brush Head Standard, 3-Pack Product Shot

Snap-on replacement brush heads feature a larger surface area and radial-trimmed, contoured bristles. View larger.

Angled Bristles Cover Larger Surface Area

The curved surface area created by the brush head’s radial-trimmed bristles help you maintain contact with the surfaces of the teeth and gums as the brush head pivots.

The bristles’ contoured pattern fits the natural shape of your teeth. Peaks and valleys along the length of the brush head are ergonomically designed to fit between teeth, so you’re less likely to miss places when you brush. This means you can remove more disease-causing plaque for a healthier mouth.

Replace Every Three Months

You can’t see it, but your brush head wears over time. Blue reminder bristles fade in color to let you know when it’s time to replace the brush head. Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every three months. Sonicare technology helps you remove up to two times more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.

Fits Multiple Sonicare Handles

The ProResults Compact brush head works with the following Sonicare models:
DiamondClean, FlexCare+, FlexCare, HealthyWhite, and EasyClean.

The heads easily snap onto handles and come with caps for hygienic storage and travel.

About Philips: Sense and Simplicity

Philips is committed to understanding and meeting the needs and desires of its customers. This is why Philips creates cutting-edge products that are user friendly. With 60,000 registered patents, Philips is a global leader in innovation, receiving numerous international design awards every year. Sonicare is the number one recommended brand by dental professionals.

What’s in the Box

Three ProResults Standard toothbrush heads and three hygienic travel caps.

Maximize Cleaning PerformanceAngled radial-trimmed bristlesSnap-on brush head
Philips Sonicare Brush Heads
Philips Sonicare HX7022/66 Philips Sonicare HX7012/66 Philips Sonicare HX7053/64 Philips Sonicare HX6053/66 Philips Sonicare HX6013/66 Philips Sonicare HX6023/66 Philips Sonicare HX6063/66 Philips Sonicare HX6072/66 Philips Sonicare HX6032/66 Philips Sonicare HX6042/66
E-Series Compact
E-Series Sensitive
ProResults Sensitive
ProResults Compact
DiamondClean Compact
Sonicare for Kids, Ages 4-7
Sonicare for Kids, Ages 7-10
Model #s
HX7012/66 HX7053/64 HX6053/66 HX6013/66 HX6023/66 HX6062/66
HX6072/66 HX6032/66 HX6042/66
Pack Sizes Available
2-Pack, 3-Pack 2-Pack 3-Pack 3-Pack 3-Pack 3-Pack 2-Pack, 3-Pack 2-Pack 2-Pack 2-Pack
Replace Brush Head Every 3 Months for Maximum Cleaning & Whitening Power
Special features
  • All around clean
  • Angled neck for hard to reach areas
  • Focused clean
  • Angled neck for hard to reach areas
  • Gentle and effective cleaning
  • Gentle and effective cleaning
  • Superior clean for better gum health
  • Focused and superior clean for better gum health
  • Sonicare’s best brush head
  • Exceptional cleaning and whiter teeth in 1 week
  • Sonicare’s best brush head
  • Exceptional cleaning and whiter teeth in 1 week
  • Designed specifically for kids
  • Gentle and effective cleaning
  • Designed specifically for kids
  • Gentle and effective cleaning
Fits These Handles
Xtreme, Essence, Advance, CleanCare, & Elite Xtreme, Essence, Advance, CleanCare, & Elite Xtreme, Essence, Advance, CleanCare, & Elite DiamondClean, Flexcare +, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, & EasyClean DiamondClean, Flexcare +, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, & EasyClean DiamondClean, Flexcare +, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, & EasyClean DiamondClean, Flexcare +, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, & EasyClean DiamondClean, Flexcare +, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, & EasyClean Sonicare for Kids Sonicare for Kids

Product Features

  • Contoured bristle field fits the natural shape of teeth
  • “Push on” connector makes proresults easy to clean
  • Fits diamondclean, flexcare, healthywhite, and easyclean handles
  • Comes with 3 standard proresults snap-on brush heads
  • reminder bristles fade when replacement is needed

Monster Cable MP HTS850 Home Theater PowerCenter

The Monster Power Home Theatre PowerCenter HTS 850 is equipped with fast-acting , high-capacity Multiple SurgeGuard Circuitry which instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it BEFORE it can even reach your components.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 2.31″ H x 4.13″ W x 11.50″ L; weight: 3.21 lbs.
  • Monster Clean Power Stage 1 filter to provide noise-free power to sensitive electronic components.
  • 2590 joule rating provided highest level of surge absorption. $150,000 Monster Connected Equipment Warranty.
  • Side entry design and wall-mounting bracket eliminate cable clutter.
  • Monster Connected Equipment Warranty of $150,000.
  • 2590 joule rating provided highest level of surge absorption.
  • Monster Clean Power? Stage 1 filter to provide noise-free power to sensitive electronic components.

New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)

Unrivaled Power & Speed

The iCarrier packs an impressive 12, 000mAh of power and has a hefty life span of around 500 charge cycles. Charging your phones and tablets faster than any other brands of external battery.

Built to Last

The iCarrier can take a bashing. With its sturdy build, fingerprint-resistant black matte finish, and simple yet portable design, this models of portable battery is a force to be reckon with.

Highly Efficient Design

The iCarrier boast a -2.1A and 1A- charge port to charge two devices simultaneously. New Trent engineers meticulously designed the iCarrier to ensure high performance during dual charging – this means no increase charge time when charging two devices. Now that’s efficiency!.


The iCarrier is compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows Smartphone’s and 5V Tablet, goPro, GPS, portable game consoles, etc…

* For Apple devices, please use the original Apple Lightning or 30-pin cables.

**Some phone/tablet/devices may require a special converter cable to be compatible

Battery Specifications.

Input: 5V@1.5A

Outputs: 5V@2.1A and 5V@1A

Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches


For optimal charging we suggest charging the battery from a high speed USB wall adapter or charger (Not Included)

– New Trent’s USB wall charger

– New Trent’s Car charger.

Be sure to find the official New Trent logo to ensure a 10 month warranty.

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty 5V@2A-1A Dual USB External Battery Charger, charges 2 devices simultaneously. 2A output for iPad/Tablet and 1A output for iPhone/smartphones.
  • Compatible with most Smartphone’s (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, etc…) and 5V Tablets and compatible devices.
  • No iPhone/iPad adapter or cable is included, but the iCarrier IMP120D is compatible with the original Apple Lightning/30-pin cables.
  • AC wall charger is not included, but the iCarrier IMP120D can be recharged from any standard 5V/2A USB charge ports: computer USB ports and USB wall chargers.

PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

Get rid of the hassle of cleaning your pet’s litter box with the Radio Systems PAL17-10786 Pet Safe Simply Clean Litter Box. This innovative, self-cleaning system, that works continuously and automatically. Suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds, it’s quiet and simple to use. The bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour and also gets rid of foul odor and odor-causing bacteria. It does its bit without disturbing your pet. Reduces odor and odor-causing bacteria. No special bags required, easy-to-use. Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat. Bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour. Use low-voltage AC adapter.

placeholder image

placeholder image

No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess

The Simply Clean is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. Waste is sifted through and moves up the conveyor belt and into the waste container. Fill the litter box with premium clumping, scoopable cat litter for best results. To clean up, simply remove the waste container and dump your cat’s waste in the trash. Unlike other automatic litter boxes, there are no additional accessories to purchase. The waste container can be lined with small trash bags or recycled shopping bags for easy cleanup.

Making life easier for you and your feline

Possibly the feline’s new secret weapon for hedging out the canine as man’s best friend, this automatic, self-cleaning litter box is always fresh, odor-free and ready for use. Working around the clock, the Simply Clean litter box is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. The system is quiet and simple to use, and even cleans without disturbing the cat while she’s taking care of business.The litter box rotates slowly (once every 24 hours) while an internal filtering system pans scat out of the kitty litter, and conveyers it away into a hopper lined with a recycled plastic shopping bag. That means all you’ve gotta do is close the bag and discard. No more holding your breath while you dump the litter box contents into a trash bag.

Save time and hassle

Designed for cats weighing up to 12 pounds, the cleaning action runs 24 hours a days so that odor-causing bacteria are reduced. With no tools required for assembly, and no moving parts to catch the cat’s fur, the unit packs along easily on trips and is safe to use; setting up in minutes for cats on the “go”. The automatic reduction in smell not only means less maintenance, it lets you keep the litter box in places you wouldn’t have wanted it before. It also reduces the amount of litter boxes multiple cat owners typically have to use. Quiet operation lets the cat hop in right away without hesitation or fear.

Product Features

  • Reduces odor and odor-causing bacteria
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Easy-to-clean
  • No batteries needed- uses low voltage AC power adapter
  • Uses recycled shopping bags
  • Requires premium clumping litter

Instruction Note:

  • Make sure that there is no stray litter between the litter bowl and the base of the unit
  • Make sure the litter guard is up under the conveyor and not loose ( it could cause the popping sound)
  • Are the thumb screws tight
  • Make sure the litter box is cleaned according to the manual
  • How much do the cat/cats weigh? (If over 12 pounds, this put extra strain on motors.)
  • Having too much litter can cause strain on bowl motor
  • If waste is collecting at the bottom of the conveyor, it is the conveyor motor
  • If the bowl will not turn then it is the bowl motor. placeholder image

    placeholder image

    Product Features

    • Self-cleaning litter box for single or multi-cat household
    • Quietly cleans?
    • Unit moves one full rotation per hour, doesn?t startle cat and keeps litter clean 24/7
    • Easy to remove litter bin can be lined with recycled bag or nothing at all! Save hundreds annually compared to others with special bags or trays estimated yearly to maintain.
    • No tools required for assembly; no moving parts for optimal safety

    Instapark 30-watt Solar-powered Battery Charger for Instapark Mars20S, DRPP600 Powerpack Series & Wagan Power Dome Series

    This solar panel is designed and engineered to primarily charge 12-Volt batteries, which store and provide usable power when needed, ideal for powering your RVs, ATV, marine boats and electronic equipments. Other than recreational applications, solar power can also help lower your energy bills by reducing your dependence on the main electrical grid and provide back-up power during power outages. Better yet, this solar charger also comes with all wires, connectors and compatible adapters compatible with the most popular 12v battery packs in the market including Instapark Mars20S series, DRPP600 Powerpack series and Wagan Power Dome series.

    Important Note:
    The batteries shown in the pictures are for product demonstration ONLY, the batteries are NOT included.

    Product Features

    • Powerful 30 watt solar panel charges Instapark Mars20S series, DRPP600 Powerpack series and Wagan Power Dome series batteries.
    • High-efficiency Mono-crystalline solar panel
    • Charges a Powerpack 600 from 50% to 100% in 10 hours
    • Carbon-free solution for emergency power
    • Wire and adapter are included for hassle-free set-up

    Solar Electricity Handbook – 2012 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy – Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems

    The Solar Electricity Handbook is a practical and straightforward guide to using electric solar panels. Assuming no previous knowledge of solar panels, the book explains how solar panels work, how they can be used and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a solar electric system from scratch using photovoltaic solar panels.

    This is an up to date 2012 Edition of the book with even more diagrams, details and up-to-the-minute information on this exciting technology.

    Accompanying this book is a solar resource website containing lots of useful information, lists of suppliers and on-line solar energy calculators that will simplify the cost analysis and design processes.

    Why buy the Solar Electricity Handbook?

    • The Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric photovoltaic panels.
    • The book is suitable for enthusiastic novices, students and building professionals.
    • Clear examples, diagrams and example projects are given to demonstrate the true capabilities of these systems.
    • The Handbook is updated yearly, providing an up-to-date reference for anyone planning to use electric photovoltaic technology.
    • It is the most comprehensive book on solar electric systems available today.
    • It is backed up by the most powerful online calculator tools available, to make your design and calculations as straightforward as possible.
    • With comprehensive detail in the book for all around the world, the Handbook provides you with information that is relevant to you and your project – where ever you live.

    Product Features

    • Used Book in Good Condition

    Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, and Help Your Community Profit from Clean Energy

    Renewable energy is good for your wallet. Those who see that opportunity are already seizing it … all the way to the bank. Green Is Good is a no-nonsense guide to how you, the average American, can easily incorporate clean energy and energy efficiency into your daily life and in the process save money, make money, and help wean your community off fossil fuels. Renewable energy guru Brian F. Keane walks you through the cost-benefit trade-offs that come with the exciting new technologies and introduces you to the revolutionary clean-energy products on the horizon, making the ins and outs of renewable energy easily accessible. He shows what you can do on every level to seize the opportunity and profit from it. A renewable energy future isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for the economy, and Green Is Good will show you how—before it’s too late.