20000 mAh Solar Power Bank – Wireless, USB Type C, Portable Solar Charger with 4 Detachable Panels – Fast Charging, Water-Shock-Dust Proof, Flashlight

★★★ Charging ★★★ The battery itself can be charged though USB or Type C for faster charging. Dual USB ports and wireless charging allow to charge 3 devices simultaneously. Wireless charge qi portable charger as well compatible with iPhones, Androids, and all Qi-enabled devices. Solar Panels are detachable.

★★★ Features & Quantities ★★★ All-in-One Feather-Rich trending solar power bank is the Best for BackPacking and Travel. Fire Proof, Water Proof, Dust Proof, Shock Proof. Can work as the emergency back-up solution when camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, trips and more. Moreover, the built-in super LED emergency light can be used as a lantern, torch or emergency lighting in darkness. “Normal-SOS-Strobe” 3 modes is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, convenient to control with one button.

★★★ Energy Efficiency ★★★ Mono crystalline solar ✔ material is used for higher energy efficiency; and hence more economy & environment-friendly. Mono crystalline solar the most efficient type of photovoltaic solar panel available today; 20%-30% faster ✔ and 18% more energy efficient ✔ than other solar chargers.

♥♥♥ Family & Air-Line – Friendly ♥♥♥ It’s ideal for families or individuals who own multiple phones and/or devices since it allows you to charge more than 3+ devices ✔ simultaneously. All airlines allow 20000 mAh ✔ without prior approval.

♥♥♥ Customer Service ♥♥♥ Absolutely free to return in any case. No question asks.

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